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Psychiatry is HATE, Psychiatry is LIES, Psychiatry is MURDER.

March 7, 2011

The assertion that our thoughts and feelings occur as the result of chemical reactions in the brain over which we do NOT have fundamental control ie our ‘genetics’ controls this, is tantamount to the claim that we are “Being controlled by other unknown forces”, and as such meets the clinical definition of psychotic ideation put forth by this very industry whose foundational tenets in fact meet its own definition of psychosis!!

No tests, no pathology, no etiology, no confirmatory physical abnormality = NO DISEASE.

Psychiatry is a discipline wholly devised, designed and dedicated to elevating its practitioners socio-economically above others around them in the culture – even if it means destroying their culture, belief systems, or physical and mental health as a means to this end.

Psychiatrists should study and forcibly medicate THEMSELVES – for they are professional voyeurs and intellectual perverts whose obsessive controlling natures drive them to vicitmize other citizens for those people’s natural human inconsistencies and vulnerabilities.

Psychiatry is HATE, Psychiatry is LIES, Psychiatry is MURDER.