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Declare the Democratic Party a Danger to National Security

January 19, 2010

These people are meddling obsessive controllers who just don’t get that a country has to collectively direct itself, regardless of alleged and perceived inadequacies!

That is what freedom is all about!!

Bailing out the banks only rewards them for theft and incompetence – and this health care bill is nothing less that an attempt to stave off a people’s movement to self care, and non-intrusive medicine based on self-awareness, rather than ‘chemical reductionism’.

Socialism = Communism = Fascism. Once you outlaw self-interest, you will be left only with collective psychosis.

Socialism is nothing more than career complainism – if that’s a word. It’s highest achievement will never be more than that of a potential income stream in an inherently capitalist reality.

It would be nice to ‘help everyone’, but :

1) We can’t;

2) It makes poverty a ‘career move’ – trust me, I know : I live in Canada;

3) Because it creates high paying government jobs from poor people, Socialism entrenches poverty and helplessness – without it, Socialism has no reason for being;

4) Socialism is ‘taxation-as-industry’, and ultimately bloats government, and by extension taxes, until we are all enslaved – by ourselves, no less;

5) Socialism stagnates ALL growth, economic, intellectual, spiritual, because it demands a lowest common denominator;

6) Perhaps most importantly, if the only route within a society to the realization of personal gain is to characterize one’s actions as selfless interest in other’s fortune, then the halls of power will fill with only the worst, most cynical, ten-faced liars.

Do the math folks – the power of the individual is the ONLY way.

At least the comedy industry is booming.