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We Wish You A Merry Christmas… But No Guarantees

December 10, 2011

Anyone curious as to why we say ‘Amen’ at the end of every prayer should invest 5 hours of their life watching the “Ring of Power” series.

If you’re new to this info, it will seem insane, and if you’ve seen Zeitgeist, this goes even further than that.

Personally, I don’t think this info takes anything away from the power of the Christ legend, the idea of God, and the values and culture that flow from that – in fact, I think it is important historical information that should be mainstream, so that we don’t lose hold of these truths.

I think we all know that the world economy is screwed up with ‘funny money’ – fiat currencies now so uncontrolled in their creation that they are effectively legalized counterfeiting schemes.  This creation of unlimited digital money has dangerously distorted our economies and, in turn, our very cultural fabric.

For example, housing and education could never have become so expensive without the imaginary loans and mortgages to pay for it all out of thin air, and what would once represent a significant investment of hard-saved earnings is now reduced to a mere monthly payment.  Loans are legitimized with down payments charged to credit cards at 5 times the interest of the loan itself, and consumers are encouraged to look no further than the next monthly payment in their judgement.

In the midst of this blizzard of digital fantasies are the banks and loan officers, all paying themselves commissions – with the same funny money they are ‘lending’ people – the day the loan is made.  This means that they get their commission whether the loan is successful or not.  This is an environment rife with corruption like no other, even topping the S&L frauds of the 80’s – read up on ‘NINJA’ loans and you’ll get the general idea.

Worse, by the time a loan fails, it will have long been bundled into packages of other loans and sold repeatedly to the point that in many cases no one knows who owns the loan anymore.  This state of affairs has seen homeowners saved from foreclosure when they demanded to know who owned their mortgage, as well as the criminally perverse reality of banks actually foreclosing on properties that don’t even have a mortgage, let alone one the bank owns.

Still, all of this pales in comparison to the mammoth, juggernaut of fraud that looms on the horizon in the form of CDO’s and Derivatives.  You see, after bundling all of this fake, phony, toxic debt in triple A rated securities, funds were created to offset the losses of these loans if/when they defaulted.  The ‘long’ end of these funds – again rated Triple A – were sold worldwide to governments, pension funds, mutual funds, and investors of all kinds worldwide, while the ‘short’ end was kept by the fraudsters involved.

In other words, they have bet against the economy itself, and stand to be ‘owed ‘literally 100 of Trillions of dollars when this giant ponzi pinata explodes, wiping out your savings and relegating governments and their populations into eternal debt slavery.

It’s a very real proposition, and driven, in my view, by the biggest overall danger of the distortions phony fiat digital counterfeit currencies bring to our lives :  because so much of the economy is artificially supported, it becomes all but impossible to tell when it is no longer working – until there is an unavoidable crash, as with any ponzi scheme, no matter how desperately it is kept afloat, it mathematically cannot survive over time.

That is a bit more economic analysis than this movie maybe gets into, but I wanted to try to put the ramifications of the issues raised in the Ring of Power series into immediate context.  Also, there is no more important piece to this puzzle than the understanding of what money itself actually is, and how important that its conceptualization, existence and control be in the people’s, and not private hands.

Despite the obvious clichés about Jews and money,  I encourage people to not look at this info backwards through time – that is, just because the roots of this are claimed to be ancient Hebrew tribes does not mean it has anything to do with modern Jews in Israel today.  What this is about, is an ancient elite that persists in our culture to this day.

That these blood lines exist is plain.  Their true nature and goals is up for debate – but whatever their power, holdings, wealth, alleged control of our monetary systems, or nefarious plots against our very humanity may be, these are historical, anthropological truths that need to be understood by the mainstream Peoples of the world.

There is no such thing as a ‘Chain of Command’, this is a manipulative euphemism for what is more truly a ‘Chain of Obedience’.  I present these ideas to you not because I wish to criticize or do away with our mutilated and deformed Christmas holiday, but because I want it BACK.  Let’s open our minds this year to the complex realities of our age, that we may truly know who the God ‘Amen’ is that we pray to under the guise of our various religions.

Merry (insert politically correct narrative here) To All!!

November 26, 2011

I don’t think there is a more telling example of both the absurdity and the danger of the cult of the ‘politically correct’ than attempts to replace the word ‘Christmas’ with ‘Holidays’ in the common vernacular.  Congratulations, we have now reached the point that no one is allowed to address the actual reasons this is a holiday in the first place.

So when kids ask, why is this a holiday?, they can now be told they aren’t allowed to know, because no one is allowed to tell them.  This is nothing less than collective cultural psychosis!!

Think about how insane it really is, and the total disintegration of understanding it represents, to have the culture so arbitrarily reformed by the manipulative whims of strangely self-important people whose underlying life philosophy becomes less and less clear as its shallow, Godless nature becomes more and more apparent.

If a people’s history can be reduced to a guy in a red suit from a Coca Cola ad campaign, and then outlawed altogether, we are well on the way to a cultural vacuum of nonsense, superficial beliefs that is the beginning of an aimless social chaos that could well plunge the world into the Hell we are no longer allowed to talk about.

These days I wonder, if this was the plan, could the people behind this inanity be doing a better job?

Peter Schiff Defends The 1%

October 30, 2011

“… the idea that Occupy Wall Street protesters have a right to share directly in the private profits earned by others is immoral. The protesters were correct in being outraged by having to share in Wall Street’s losses. But if they do not want to share the losses, they have no right to demand a share of the profits.” (

Ah, logic, such a painful taskmaster of truth it is.  Schiff really brings home the absurdity of the cognitive dissonance that has been created by this insane giant counterfeit ponzi scheme that we call our economy – that those who are protesting having money taken from their pockets against their will and given to others, demand as a solution the forced legal transfer of this increasingly ephemeral ‘wealth’ BACK into their alleged hands, that this circuitous shell game may continue ad nauseum.

See, Socialists make their money like bankers – by skimming off the top of a system of wealth storage and transfer.  While Capitalism has its wealth producing qualities, I think people forget that the money itself is inert – it is what people are motivated to DO with it that creates wealth, or waste, as the case may be.

But to the Socialist, this inherent quality of money is wholly lost.  They hoard cheese as if it will last forever, and never grow moldy or rot.  The worst wolves of greed dressed up in cute little bonnets, this cultish political religion is merely another potential income stream in an inherently Capitalist reality – a means to effect large scale wealth transfer, by force of arms, and simultaneously creating a centralization of that wealth as a necessary step in its puportedly morally justifiable confiscation and so called ‘redistribution’.

More than anything, this kind of system distorts the true economic reality of a nation and its people, creating an environment so false that it becomes impossible to tell when it is no longer working.  The solution is always more taxes, as if this is equivalent to an order for rain to fall, crops to grow in fields, fruit to grow on trees… as if more taxes have ANYTHING to do with wealth generation at all.

Ultimately, the ideal environment for the Socialist is a whirlwind of money changing hands arbitrarily, with fees collected at every step of the charade.  It is the social equivalent of setting up toll booths on every corner, and then ordering people by law to drive at least ten miles a day.  Well, people will find a way to manage their daily lives around such psychotic corruption, and the government may well thrive – but in this model, the true source of societal wealth occurs completely outside the activities of government, who simply perches itself on top as ultimate controller of all, purely to service its own inherently usurping ends.

So while the banks literally lend the government the money for their own bailouts – or at least participate in the creation of the financial instruments used to effect the alleged existence of this ‘money’ – and the government first GIVES the banks trillions of dollars, now the level of informed debate is about taxing it back again?!?!?  Huh?!?!  Does anyone smell a rat here?!?!

Well, imo, that ‘rat’ is the true purpose of all these bizarre machinations – keep the money moving around, that your fees and taxes (two sides of the same coin by now) may be added onto it incrementally at every transaction point.  This is a dangerous model for a culture, in fact it is little more than a free for all.

As Peter Schiff says – corporations don’t pay taxes, they dump them onto the consumer.  Tax them and you tax yourself.  You can tax them out of existence, but you can’t tax them into a self-generating source of true wealth – that will always be drawn from their customer base, every last cent of it.  So when they ARE taxed, one of the ways they find their way around this kind of thing is government subsidies and outright bailouts, all driven by unlimited fiat currency availability via the carefully constructed entity that is government today.

This is taxation by both the hidden tax of inflation and in fact outright counterfeit, the creation of ‘digital currency’ opening the doors WIDE for this kind of economic manipulation.  Only when the government prints money out of thin air, it is now furthermore compelled to pay interest on this counterfeit!!?!?!  On the flipside of this new pool of ‘wealth’ now centralized in concentrically tighter and more wide reaching rings of bureaucracy ie municipal, state, federal govts, are the tools to effect virtually unlimited tranfer of this wealth directly into private hands ie CDOs, Derivatives, etc.

Spun into these derivatives etc are hidden all the digital counterfeit that has been built into this illusion of secure financial holdings, masquerading as high return investments with a risk of disaster that can never occur, as it would mean the end of the system itself, an unthinkable scenario (to the average person, anyways – probably a hot topic at lotsa board meetings, though).

So this is a rough characterization of that sub-class of the wealthy whose riches are intrinsically tied to the government machinations and regulations that once purportedly kept them in check, which have now not only been brushed aside, but have in fact become a vehicle for fraud in and of themselves.

And this is where we are at now – government regulation as a vehicle for fraud.  Theft at gunpoint recharacterized as ‘taxation as civic duty’.  With so much of this driven by digital counterfeit fiat currencies, one has to wonder how much of the 40% of the world’s ‘wealth’ that the ‘1%’ control, is actually REAL?

By demanding this counterfeit be taxed BACK to ‘save the poor’, in fact PARTICIPATES in the fraud itself, and sets in motion yet another run round the flag pole, slapping fivers in the hand of endless bankers and bureaucrats at every turn (and when you run around a flagpole, it’s one long turn…;).

That is my attempt to unravel this madness – and I think that Schiff’s quote gets to the heart of the matter : Demanding that the bailouts come from the taxes of the rich makes no sense whatsoever – no matter how much you tax them, they will just effectively print more money into their own hands to pay said taxes, so you merely tax yourself further, directly and via inflation.

Justifying these taxes by first giving these folk TRILLIONS in bailouts is not just the schizophrenic policy it appears on the surface, it is simply the latest razzle dazzle trick to get that money up for another run around the track, where a pound of your flesh will be sliced off at every opportunity.

Asking for more taxes to effect MORE ‘redistribution’ of wealth by ARMED FORCE, merely signs on to the fraud.  Once you convince yourself it is ethical to take from others under threat of violence, you justify your own inevitable fate at the hand of such skewed logic.   If you don’t want your money stolen from you, don’t steal other people’s!!

Memoir To A Memory Of A Failed Ideal

October 23, 2011

I am grieving Gaddafi today – and sons, I have heard – martyrs for both African unity and self-determination, whether you like it or not, and martyrs to an ideal of sovereignty and minding one’s own business, so lost in today’s cynical pursuit of only the ugliest of wealth as we know it.

So what of Mother Libya now? Shall we inject our so called culture into theirs, in the usual bizarre social engineering innoculation/vaccination that we have grown so used to in our daily lullabyes?

Alright, well, nice job, assholes. A piece of history is crudely smeared across our alleged ideals, like so much pig guts on the door signifying an ugly warning.

This sick, pathetic murder is a tragedy and a joke upon the world stage, and whoever Gaddafi was bears no justification for this wag-the-dog-esque homicide.

Gaddafi was a character in the collective consciousness, and not least because he was a bold speaker, often of undeniable truths – he pursued an African Union and currency, truly of its own, using well founded banking law within current allegedly sovereign borders – at home he was a unifying force between the three different tribal factions that formed the basic makeup of the country – a man of his people by definition, one who has presided over great advances amongst a tumultuous cultural paradigm.

Ok, well, that is my eulogy for someone whom we should not forget was a statesman, above all else, and they took him out as part of a fake pseudo rebel victory in a country that had done nothing worthy of world criticism outside of its own borders. A gang hit – TOTAL disrespect from a Nobel Peace Laureate. A Drone Drive By.  Pimpin’, bi-atches.

But if those borders are porous, then why not anyones? If one leader is fair game for targeted assassination, then why is any leader safe? Well, war marches on – so is this the modern psychological equivalent of the Minutemen? How dare they hide behind trees and pick us off? Shall we dispense with such silly rules, then?

I guess the question returns to who’s picking off whom, and why.

But sure, why not. Because I am a good person at heart, I can just kill anyone I want, and it will always be an accident if they didn’t deserve it anyways.

R.I.P. Muammar Gaddafi – may he rest in peace to contemplate all his mistakes, including his crimes.

2012, here we come.

Kudos to Hank Jr.

October 6, 2011
With the ridiculous uproar of Hank Williams Jr.’s misunderstood analogy (he didn’t actually compare anyone to anyone – in fact it’s telling that everyone feels he meant to depict Obama as Hitler, does that make Boener Netanyahu?), I thought that football was a good way to demonstrate how true Market Capitalism can be distorted by Socialism, and further how even if Socialism might work, applying it to the current economic paradigm would in fact further the corrupt system robbing us all of our toils, by simply spreading the counterfeit around.
I am inspired here by a recent article I read claiming that 1% of the US population owns approx 40% of the country’s ‘wealth’.
So – imagine a football game, it’s the 4th quarter, and the Home Team is up 28 to 7.  Suddenly, Marxist Leninist agitators spur the losing team to take to the field and protest the unfair distribution of points. claiming that there is a finite number of points to be had, and that these should be shared equally between both teams.  This is Socialism in action.  Each team is given 17.5 points, and no one loses!!  Yay!!
Now, imagine a football game where the Home Team has had one of their buddies hijack the scoreboard, is putting up however many points they want to for themselves, and has paid off the referees to look the other way.  No matter how hard the Visiting Team tries, no matter how many touchdowns they score, their points are rendered irrelevant by the Home Team simply adding 5 times as many points to its score, to cheers from their fans, and a blind eye from officials.
Again the Marxist Leninist sympathizers take to the field, but instead of decrying the fraud, they demand a redistribution of these points, using the same old tired arguments that just because a person might be smarter than others, that doesn’t mean it’s fair for them to be better at math (for example).  Furthermore, they demand access to the scoreboard controls themselves, so that they too can add as many points to their team’s total as they please!
This is where the Socialists show their true colours – they are just as happy as Wall St. to add as many points to the scoreboard as they need to keep their fans cheering, and care just as little as the ‘Home Team’ about the integrity of the game.
But ultimately, the point I am trying to make is this : when people talk about 1% of the population owning 40% of the wealth, they neglect to point out that a considerable amount of that ‘wealth’ is FAKE – numbers in a ponzi scheme designed to obfuscate true economic realities.  To put it another way, if the total wealth of a given nation is represented by 100 Billion dollars of their currency, and a sinister cabal criminally prints up another $65 Billion to make themselves obscenely rich, the solution is not to redistribute that wealth killing conterfeit money to ‘the people’.  When these criminals created this $65 Billion out of thin air, they devalued the currency by approx 40% – what used to cost a dollar now costs $1.65.
Clearly the solution is to arrest this criminal cabal, destroy their counterfeit, and restore sound money.
Yet the ‘Socialists’ buy into the original fraud as a means justified by their dogmatic ends.  They don’t care that the ‘points’ are all fake, as long as they go to ‘their’ team.  Meanwhile the integrity of the game is lost, and the players lose any motivation to pursue points that have no relevance anymore, as they are just added to the scoreboard as needed by whomever manages to control the scoreboard at the time.  In fact, half the players don’t even bother to take to the field at all – instead, they form teams of ‘experts’ and ‘officials’ to oversee the manipulation of the scoreboard, as if deciding the game in this manner has any connection to reality at all.
So that’s what I see.  You can ‘redistribute’ all the counterfeit fiat currency you want, it will only plunge any economy further into poverty via a combination of inflation and people living off free fake money, rather than producing some kind of input into the culture around them that people actually have a use or desire to consume (demonstrated by their willingness to hand over hard earned legitimate currency in exchange).
4th Quarter, 3rd Down, and the players are horsing around on the field waiting the see who the scoreboard says will win, oblivious to the fact that it is meaningless relative to why they showed up to play in the first place, and why anybody ever cared to show up and watch.
Just as such a scenario would destroy the sport of Football overnight, what we are watching unfold economically is Endgame for our collective cultures as a whole.  These fiat currencies have distorted our societies to the point where true value is no longer represented, and warning signs of impending doom are obscured until it is too late.
When you centralize wealth and power, it will always be stolen.  Freedom is the answer, and sound money the most important cornerstone of all in this pursuit.  Spreading around the fake cash that has been created to effect a massive fraud against people worldwide may well divert true solutions to this impending nightmare until it is far, far too late.

Mosque at Ground Zero : Clear Statement of Triumph

June 22, 2010

Webster Griffin Tarpley on The Jeff Rense 10 May 2010

May 29, 2010

Webster Griffin Tarpley on The Jeff Rense 10 May 2010.

Note to America : Taxation-as-Industry Is Coming To Town

February 5, 2010

How d'ya like THEM apples?

Your tax dollars at ‘work’.

Socialism is now seen by many to be a potential income stream within our Capitalist Freedoms.

This is a twisted and perverse logic that allows the most duplicitous amongst us to effectively set their own welfare rates, while giving them direct control of the tax base with which to do this!

It is ABSURD – and it is COMMUNISM.

Stop it, or you will become Canada – stripped of your guns, and forced to dutifully pay into what amounts to a 51% tax base, when all taxes, fees and obligations are considered, and receive whatever services and medical care the Government chooses to dole out in return.

This is not some mysterious figure – it is reported annually in the newspapers every June. A 51% percent tax base allows us to start spending our OWN money literally the day after our National Holiday, Canada Day, on July 1st.

Thus, if you allow continued growth of government into the inevitable socialism and communism it will by definition become – ALL governments that become too top heavy deteriorate into effective Communism whether one likes it or not – then you will find new meaning in your July 4th ‘Independence Day’ celebrations.

That will be the day your annual total income starts to come to you, rather than be skimmed off the top for the Government.

This is not a workable economy – a dollar changes hands twice, and the Government has it again? There is no economic sense or justification for this – it is a shell game, nothing more, designed to maintain an environment of confusion in which to continue to strip mine the wealth of the people as much as they can be led to humanly endure.

Stop it, before you’re taking orders from the new 3 million strong ‘Civilian Action Force’ Obama is currently putting into place – a tool of oppression that will haunt your country for generations, if not destroy it outright.

Obama's Ten Point Plan for 'Change'

Declare the Democratic Party a Danger to National Security

January 19, 2010

These people are meddling obsessive controllers who just don’t get that a country has to collectively direct itself, regardless of alleged and perceived inadequacies!

That is what freedom is all about!!

Bailing out the banks only rewards them for theft and incompetence – and this health care bill is nothing less that an attempt to stave off a people’s movement to self care, and non-intrusive medicine based on self-awareness, rather than ‘chemical reductionism’.

Socialism = Communism = Fascism. Once you outlaw self-interest, you will be left only with collective psychosis.

Socialism is nothing more than career complainism – if that’s a word. It’s highest achievement will never be more than that of a potential income stream in an inherently capitalist reality.

It would be nice to ‘help everyone’, but :

1) We can’t;

2) It makes poverty a ‘career move’ – trust me, I know : I live in Canada;

3) Because it creates high paying government jobs from poor people, Socialism entrenches poverty and helplessness – without it, Socialism has no reason for being;

4) Socialism is ‘taxation-as-industry’, and ultimately bloats government, and by extension taxes, until we are all enslaved – by ourselves, no less;

5) Socialism stagnates ALL growth, economic, intellectual, spiritual, because it demands a lowest common denominator;

6) Perhaps most importantly, if the only route within a society to the realization of personal gain is to characterize one’s actions as selfless interest in other’s fortune, then the halls of power will fill with only the worst, most cynical, ten-faced liars.

Do the math folks – the power of the individual is the ONLY way.

At least the comedy industry is booming.

Open Letter to Prime Minister Steven Harper of Canada

January 16, 2010

Dear Prime Minister Harper,

Re: The Climategate Scandal at the University of East Anglia (CRU)

I am writing to draw your government’s attention to the ongoing scandal unfolding in England regarding the devastating corruption of the science surrounding the now clearly fraudulent claims that Human behaviour is putting our survival – and in fact that of the planet Earth itself – in grave jeopardy.

I feel compelled to write your offices to point out the lies, subterfuge and misinformation in the British Government’s response to this matter, and request that you, as our country’s leader, issue a public statement condemning this continued effort to suppress the truth – a truth that I am under the clear impression Canada’s Steven McIntyre has already brought to your attention several years ago.

There is too much to challenge robustly in one letter. Instead I shall for the moment confine myself to three basic issues; (1.) the use of ‘private’ unaccountable police in the CRU investigation; (2.) the deceitful dropping of 806 ‘cold’ weather stations from the 6000 global set in one year and (3.) the facts on sea level rises that conflict with assertions that “severe impacts” of climate change must be dealt with “now.”

First, I wish to register my protest in the strongest possible terms that a privately run secret police unit, the National Domestic Extremism Team (NDET), is conducting the criminal investigation into the CRU scandal – yet only into the theft of the information, blatantly ignoring its clearly criminal nature! If someone had broken into the CRU and found a meth lab, would that not overshadow any search for a mere trespasser?

NDET is directly answerable to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). Because ACPO is not a public body but rather a private limited company, NETCU is exempt from freedom of information laws (FOIA) and other kinds of public accountability, even though they are funded by the Home Office and deploy police officers from regional forces. What further disturbs me is that ACPO cannot be relied upon to handle this investigation when ACPO have a vested interest in the outcome being that their pension fund is invested heavily in environmental stocks. So is this truly a reasonable interpretation of an “independent” investigation and will the British Labour Government continue to conduct business like this if re-elected at the upcoming general election?

As to the science, we know at minimum, from the admissions contained in the leaked emails, that the climate data analysis by CRU between 2006-2009 was ‘fudged.’ This has been confirmed by the latest peer-reviewed literature.

Firstly, I wish to refer to the leaked emails and the ‘documents/HARRY_READ_ME.txt’ files. These files covers CRU’s latest work from 2006-2009 and CRU scientist, ‘Harry’ admits the climate data CRU possesses is unusable:

“getting seriously fed up with the state of the Australian data. so many new stations have been introduced, so many false references.. so many changes that aren’t documented… “

‘Harry’ then later adds, “I am very sorry to report that the rest of the databases seem to be in nearly as poor a state as Australia was.”

Clearly, from the evidence to hand, these climatologists are poor data handlers. When you then go beyond the 1,000+ emails and look deeper at the meta data coding within the rest of the leaked 62MB goldmine things get far worse. ‘Harry’ admits he has no training in FORTRAN. He muddles by attempting to teach himself and gamely trying to analyze so much “poor” and “false” data. As we have read, for ‘Harry’ matters go from bad to worse.

Frankly, Prime Minister, to use the words of one of the UK climatologists, this whole charade is a “travesty” and the scientists involved are incompetent. But from incompetence they plunge the depths into wilful deceit and unlawful conduct. The proof of a conspiracy grows as we read the ‘hockey teams’’ own words. For over three years they admit to have been deliberately foiling FOIA requests. Now we have reached the farcical position where neither the UK Government nor the climatologists involved will come clean with the truth in the midst of the most severe winter in 30 years when newspapers predict deaths due to cold in the tens of thousands and Britain’s transport network liable to be thrown into chaos with just a few inches of snowfall. It is a total dereliction of the UK Government’s duties to continue to rely on and defend secretly concocted junk science for what they claim is “an issue of unrivalled public importance.”

I can assure you a cacophony of rage is building online over these matters as more ordinary citizens come to the Internet looking for the facts that the UK Govt. and the mainstream media are reluctant to address. Canada should demand that they uphold the principles of the Freedom of Information Act; expedite the processing and completion of all past and pending FOIA requests so that everyone can see that they value independent analysis within a framework supportive of transparent and honest government.

But as British officials and scientists appear to have forgotten, please allow me to remind everyone how the scientific method works. It is incumbent on the purveyor of any theory of science to provide the proof and permit sceptical testing of it. In fact, scepticism is the birthright of every scientist. But sceptics cannot test this junk theory because every one of your cited data sources denies examination of their methodologies and calculations – we are only presented with conclusions. Frankly, Minister, that’s just not good enough and history will regard you and your ilk with dismay for your hubris and contempt of reason and fair play.

CRU, like NASA and NOAA, want to treat their information as proprietary to them but unlike private corporations, they have no such privileges. Publicly funded repositories of data for use by educational and research institutions are obliged to properly maintain the original data, make it available to anyone who is qualified to work with it, AND document each and every adjustment made and why. But what I must now confront you with is the charge that government – funded scientists have been systematically and cynically dropping ‘cold’ rural ground measuring stations from the global set so as to skew the official government results. There is now a list of 806 weather stations that were dropped from the total of 6000 worldwide in a single year with no explanation from the Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN). The only fact in common that we can so far deduce from these dropped sites is that they exhibit a tendency to be located in rural areas. You will find further detailed information in regard to those 806 dropped weather stations here :

The Urban Heat Island effect (UHI) tells us that rural stations are free from the levels of secondary heat contamination generally found in cities, towns and airports. The additional heating within UHI areas increases measured temperatures by a magnitude of several degrees (McKitrick and Michaels 2007). The only possible motive I can infer from our ongoing findings is that corrupt climatologists are dropping ‘cold’ ground weather stations to make the world’s climate appear warmer than it actually is.

So far an analysis is still progressing. But already I can report to you that of the dropped Australian and New Zealand stations most are rural stations (e.g. Port Nelson, Ruttan Lake, Joutel). We shall continue to painstakingly analyze all stations on this list to see if we can substantiate what at the moment, appears to be a conspiracy to omit ‘cold’ rural stations. What we are seeing appears to confirm what peer reviewed papers have found, namely that artificial warming is contaminating 30-50% of the data cited by official sources. In effect, rather than adjusting their calculations to remove the UHI effect, the scientists are actually adding extra weighting to increase the distortion from UHI.

It has been determined that the station count for the U.S. (in the GHCN v2_mean file) dropped from 1177 to 136 in April 2006. This has been confirmed by importing the data and by doing a simple count of all station ID’s beginning with “425″ for the year 2006. Replication is straightforward. This is a trivial task for any application developer to write the code to import this data and then analyze it. The most significant observation noted is that most of the stations left in the U.S. are airports (for the years 2006 and going forward). Please check these facts for yourself and see that a fraud has been committed.

Moreover, the lack of transparency and unlawful conduct exhibited by Professor Phil Jones et al. may allow us to infer that the truth is being deliberately and zealously kept from the public. In essence, the conclusions that many cited references provide about the climate are entirely worthless and may be adjudged as GIGO (‘Garbage In, Garbage Out!’).

Also, I cannot conclude without addressing the most absurd assertion made in all of this – that there is a pattern of warming causing rising see levels, attributed by British Minister of State for Climate, Joan Ruddock, to “a direct result of human activities.” This Minister is either inadvertently and ignorantly exaggerating the science or she is flatly lying. To put this crazy statement into perspective, even the MET Office does not dispute that the overall rise in temperature is merely less than one degree centigrade since 1860 and with zero additional rises in sea levels on top of natural variation, so how can the UK Govt. stand by this statement? The matter demands clarification – please quantify and differentiate the amounts of sea level and temperature rise that are being attributed to human behaviour and to nature, and speak to this in the House.

From my understanding, the debate on current and past sea level rises is non-existent. But, I suspect, Ms. Ruddock knows quite well that we currently face no danger of problematic sea level rises because, like any of us, she is able to check the best oceanographers’ peer-reviewed science that refutes the guesstimates and lies of climatologists on this issue. Sea levels are rising no faster than 2mm per annum – a wholly natural rate for the current Holocene interglacial whereby concomitant ice melt has been occurring for the past 11,000 years – way before human industrialization. In 2007 Simon Holgate of the U.K.’s Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, produced a history of global sea level from 1904 to 2003 based upon a set of reliable, long-term observations from nine tide gauge stations scattered around the world and he could not find any sea level rises attributable to man-made emissions of CO2. Holgate is renowned as one of the world’s leading oceanographers

But further, may I also suggest you look at what the oceanographers at the University of Colorado have to say on this issue. They rely on the Jason-1 Calibration and TOPEX Calibration and attribute no sea level rises to mankind in any of their work. Their measurements concur neatly with Holgate’s numbers.

Other oceanographers in peer-reviewed papers such as Antonov et al. (2005); Ishii et al. (2005) and Willis et al. (2005) all report current rises equal to seven inches per century with no human signal whatsoever. These oceanographers have proved that current sea level rise is entirely consistent with natural Holocene ice melt. Thus the statement that sea levels are rising “as a direct result of human activities” is patently false – please demand that the UK Govt. withdraw it or stand accused by their critics as the lying scaremongers that they are!

Ms. Ruddock has also stated, “the temporal and spatial pattern of observed warming cannot be explained by natural causes alone.” This is a vacuous non-statement. No one is disputing that human emissions may have ‘some’ impact on climate. But does the one degree centigrade overall rise we have experienced since 1860 justify the exorbitantly expensive policy measures of being forced upon the peoples of the world without election or referendum? The answer must be a resounding, ’No!’ when we bear in mind that the Earth has shown no warming trend for 15 years, based on analysis of the raw and combined CRU, NASA and NOAA numbers. So with no current decadal warming trend there is no justification in logic for the need to “take action now” as some insist. Look at the weather in England, Prime Minister, and see that after six cooler years in a row we are now in the midst of the worst winter in the northern hemisphere for 30 years. The UK govt is being criticized from all quarters for its policy failures to cope with these winter conditions. The travel chaos and rising death toll associated with severe cold proves the hardships of a colder climate outweigh those of the warmer one we lived through in the last quarter of the old century and which ended in 1998.

As I believe and hope you are already aware, the scientific community is increasingly turning against the ‘theory’ of man made global warming (AGW) because, unlike the period from 1975-1998 warmer temperatures no longer correlate with rising levels of carbon dioxide. Thus with no correlation it is irrational to argue for causation. The so-called consensus among scientists on man-made climate change has evaporated since ‘Climategate’, while the latest peer-reviewed paper by German physicists, Dr’s. Gerlich and Tscheuschner thoroughly debunks the whole greenhouse gas theory. These German scientists prove that even if CO2 concentrations double (a prospect even global warming advocates admit is decades away), the thermal conductivity of air would not change more than 0.03% so that it is thus impossible for us to witness a greater rate of warming than seen already in the past 150 years. Gerlich and Tscheuschner further disprove that there exists a mechanism whereby carbon dioxide in the cooler upper atmosphere exerts any thermal ‘forcing’ effect on the warmer surface below. To do so would violate both the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics :


Prime Minister, please help to bring an end to this climate farce. I urge you to conduct a truly independent review of the facts I now present to you rather than rely on fraudulent data that has been exposed as such.

Let me finish by commenting on the cynical and wholly perverse use of children in the perpetrating of this fraud. For example,contrary to the UK High Court ruling made by Mr Justice Burton of 2007, the Al Gore film, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ is still being shown in UK schools without clarification or caveat that this so called ‘documentary’ contains nine ‘errors’ that his lordship ruled were in ‘ the context of alarmism and exaggeration.‘ Just like Mr. Gore, the UK government has failed to present the facts honestly and with transparency and have turned to falsehoods to claim that climate change, a natural phenomenon is bringing “severe impacts” and it’s our fault. I hope that after the general election we shall see a new government that upholds the truth. But judging by the current climate stance of UK officials, I see little prospect for the world’s youth while their future lies in the hands of those who seek to OBSCENELY profit from a future of crippling taxes as a direct consequence of these and similar policies.

Yours most sincerely,

Adam Cassidy
Vancouver, BC

(Please feel free to replace my name with yours, and copy and paste this into your own email to PM Harper at and