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We Wish You A Merry Christmas… But No Guarantees

December 10, 2011

Anyone curious as to why we say ‘Amen’ at the end of every prayer should invest 5 hours of their life watching the “Ring of Power” series.

If you’re new to this info, it will seem insane, and if you’ve seen Zeitgeist, this goes even further than that.

Personally, I don’t think this info takes anything away from the power of the Christ legend, the idea of God, and the values and culture that flow from that – in fact, I think it is important historical information that should be mainstream, so that we don’t lose hold of these truths.

I think we all know that the world economy is screwed up with ‘funny money’ – fiat currencies now so uncontrolled in their creation that they are effectively legalized counterfeiting schemes.  This creation of unlimited digital money has dangerously distorted our economies and, in turn, our very cultural fabric.

For example, housing and education could never have become so expensive without the imaginary loans and mortgages to pay for it all out of thin air, and what would once represent a significant investment of hard-saved earnings is now reduced to a mere monthly payment.  Loans are legitimized with down payments charged to credit cards at 5 times the interest of the loan itself, and consumers are encouraged to look no further than the next monthly payment in their judgement.

In the midst of this blizzard of digital fantasies are the banks and loan officers, all paying themselves commissions – with the same funny money they are ‘lending’ people – the day the loan is made.  This means that they get their commission whether the loan is successful or not.  This is an environment rife with corruption like no other, even topping the S&L frauds of the 80’s – read up on ‘NINJA’ loans and you’ll get the general idea.

Worse, by the time a loan fails, it will have long been bundled into packages of other loans and sold repeatedly to the point that in many cases no one knows who owns the loan anymore.  This state of affairs has seen homeowners saved from foreclosure when they demanded to know who owned their mortgage, as well as the criminally perverse reality of banks actually foreclosing on properties that don’t even have a mortgage, let alone one the bank owns.

Still, all of this pales in comparison to the mammoth, juggernaut of fraud that looms on the horizon in the form of CDO’s and Derivatives.  You see, after bundling all of this fake, phony, toxic debt in triple A rated securities, funds were created to offset the losses of these loans if/when they defaulted.  The ‘long’ end of these funds – again rated Triple A – were sold worldwide to governments, pension funds, mutual funds, and investors of all kinds worldwide, while the ‘short’ end was kept by the fraudsters involved.

In other words, they have bet against the economy itself, and stand to be ‘owed ‘literally 100 of Trillions of dollars when this giant ponzi pinata explodes, wiping out your savings and relegating governments and their populations into eternal debt slavery.

It’s a very real proposition, and driven, in my view, by the biggest overall danger of the distortions phony fiat digital counterfeit currencies bring to our lives :  because so much of the economy is artificially supported, it becomes all but impossible to tell when it is no longer working – until there is an unavoidable crash, as with any ponzi scheme, no matter how desperately it is kept afloat, it mathematically cannot survive over time.

That is a bit more economic analysis than this movie maybe gets into, but I wanted to try to put the ramifications of the issues raised in the Ring of Power series into immediate context.  Also, there is no more important piece to this puzzle than the understanding of what money itself actually is, and how important that its conceptualization, existence and control be in the people’s, and not private hands.

Despite the obvious clichés about Jews and money,  I encourage people to not look at this info backwards through time – that is, just because the roots of this are claimed to be ancient Hebrew tribes does not mean it has anything to do with modern Jews in Israel today.  What this is about, is an ancient elite that persists in our culture to this day.

That these blood lines exist is plain.  Their true nature and goals is up for debate – but whatever their power, holdings, wealth, alleged control of our monetary systems, or nefarious plots against our very humanity may be, these are historical, anthropological truths that need to be understood by the mainstream Peoples of the world.

There is no such thing as a ‘Chain of Command’, this is a manipulative euphemism for what is more truly a ‘Chain of Obedience’.  I present these ideas to you not because I wish to criticize or do away with our mutilated and deformed Christmas holiday, but because I want it BACK.  Let’s open our minds this year to the complex realities of our age, that we may truly know who the God ‘Amen’ is that we pray to under the guise of our various religions.


Thoughts On Vaccines From The Island Of Dr. Moreau

October 11, 2011

There is much discussion of the dangers of vaccines today, as well as concerns of their efficacy.  But what if the underlying theory of vaccines itself was wrong?  What if Jenner’s ‘discoveries’ in 1793 were just magical thinking that has NEVER been proven scientifically in double blind studies?  What if blaming ‘viruses’ for disease made as much sense as blaming firemen for the blaze they are battling, or paramedics for the pileup on the highway they are frantically attending?

If you wish to delve into the shaky foundations of this hypothesis treated as medical fact in our supposedly modern world, a really good place to start is Janine Roberts’ book Fear Of The Invisible.  She devotes a lot of attention to the Gallo fraud surrounding HIV – and its pretty damning – but also delves into the specific methods used to isolate ‘viruses’, as well as how some of the first vaccines were made and proven to be legitimate.  Think along the lines of bleeding people with leeches because they are ‘too wet’ – the science involved would be shocking to a janitor.

You can find a lot of excerpts on her site – I always suggest people start here :

There is much new information in the field of molecular biology that in fact puts into serious question the underlying theory of vaccines as a whole, never mind the way they are now made.

The key point to grasp is that so called ‘viral’ particles found in the bodies of humans and animals are not identified by their behavioural characteristics, rather they are defined by their molecular size and weight.  Thus, when looking for a ‘virus’ in the vicinity of a ‘diseased’ cell, material is simply filtered for these purely physical characteristics, and that is said to be the offending ‘virus’.

However, the original viral hypothesis points to these identifiable particles as inducing illness simply due to their presence in much greater quantities near and around a cell in distress or ‘dis-ease’.  Now it is being discovered that these particles are also in fact integral to cell function, communication, and even cell repair.  Thus their increasing numbers near sick cells may well be the body’s response and attempt to address the issues present, NOT their actual cause.

So this brings us to one of Ms. Roberts’ key findings – that no vaccine can be filtered of anything smaller than the ‘viral’ particles seen to be required to produce ‘immunity’.  Thus ALL vaccines are rife with errant ‘viruses’, cell debris and random genetic material.  It might be noted here that there is no such thing as a ‘live’ or ‘dead’ virus – all are inert genetic material, and require a living cell to utilize them.  Thus to say they ’cause’ some of the horrors we now see is like saying dumping a handful of nuts and bolts into your car’s engine the next time you top up your oil, produces a ‘disease’ of which one ‘symptom’ is broken valves and metal shards throughout your cylinders and transmission.

Furthermore, many vaccines are incubated in monkey kidneys (!?!?!)  thus, it clearly follows that they contain much errant simian DNA, which is often said to be genetically very similar to human DNA.  So firing this toxic soup past your body’s firewall is pretty much madness on the level of The Island Of Dr. Moreau – I don’t think it is a stretch to say this, as the body might easily misidentify these ‘viral’ sized materials as coming from another cell in your body.  Thus, we are talking about perhaps an attempt to foster genetic regression – if it can be said to foster anything.  Personally, I think it would be like trying to make your Chevy engine into a Ford by dumping the aforementioned handful of bolts into it, or putting in the wrong pistons or something.  In other words, it’s nonsense to claim predictable effects other than rampant damage and reduced function.

Now, here is the punchline.  Look up the definition of ‘Innoculate’.  It comes from Latin ‘to graft’.  In other words, the grafting of two plant species to create a third, hybrid species.

Etymology: L, inoculare, to graft

(medical term) the introduction of a substance (inoculum) into the body to produce or to increase immunity to the disease or condition associated with the substance. It is performed by making multiple scratches in the skin after placement of a drop of the substance on the skin, by puncture of the skin with an implement bearing multiple short tines, or by intradermal, subcutaneous, or intramuscular injection. Introduction can also be intranasal or oral. -inoculate, v.

Talk about ‘hide in plain sight’, huh?  What do you think about ‘vaccines’ now?

Would You Like Some Cancer With That?

May 27, 2010

I haven’t had a vaccine in twenty years, and I stopped getting sick in winter the very year I swore off vaccines and antibiotics. When I have given in and visited a doctor the past two decades, such visits were clearly misguided, and used by the ‘doctors’ I visited as nothing more than a tool for them to enter a few numbers into their bank balance, via a bill to the Government imposed (at gunpoint) ‘health care’ system – a bill that I will never see, but which I will pay out of my taxes whether I like it or not.

There is an excellent book on vaccines by British Investigative Journalist Janine Roberts, ‘Fear Of The Invisible‘. Among many extensive excerpts on her site, Ms. Roberts makes a most interesting point – that all ‘viral’ particles are made by cells – they cannot reproduce, only screw up a cell’s internal processes to make more of them (supposedly this occurs… in fact it is only theory, and it’s all magical thinking, really) – but the point is that if they need a cell to make them, then the first virus was made by a healthy cell, right?

Or perhaps one under duress. In any case, it is clear from the basic assumptions underlying these theories that a cell might take in a virus like particle, mistake it, and incorporate it somehow into its function. This is borne out in all the science I’ve looked at, but true or not, it is prevailing accepted medical theory and wisdom among proponents of vaccine theory themselves. So let’s work with it.

As in so many other so called professional fields of study, these very theories and assumptions reflect poorly on their own credulity. If viruses are in fact neither ‘live’ nor ‘dead’, then why are they characterized as such for public consumption? If these fragmented bits of DNA are commonly taken up by cells as part of integral processes and routine communications, then what are the risks of directly injecting foreign material of this nature into a relatively unrelated host? In this light, injecting people with fluids incubated in monkey kidneys seems to me complete madness!

Since you cannot filter any vaccine of particles the size or smaller than the ‘viruses’ you wish to be present, all vaccines are contaminated with errant (and unknown!) viral sized particles, cell debris, and DNA fragments – and these particles seem designed by nature to be prone to incorporation by unsuspecting cells in our bodies going about their business.

Monkeys are said to be about 2% different in their DNA from Humans – very, very close, it is said. So intentionally infecting one’s blood with monkey juice, and risking viral particles from their system being taken up into healthy human cells – thus replicating in our bodies with wholly unknown ramifications – it’s total insanity, “Island Of Dr. Moreau” stuff.

On top of that, the presence of viral sized particles near a cell in some sort of disease or distress is not so quickly assumed by some to prove a causative relationship between ‘viral’ particles and ‘disease’. In fact, a growing and ever more vocal segment of the molecular biology community would say the jury is still out, or more specifically that these particles may in fact be a cellular response to disease or distress. So we may have an entire approach to so called disease that is in fact attacking the body’s own response to threat – a response that, if successful, might be referred to as a true ‘cure’, no?

Yes – and the science truly is in such dire disarray – it is that bad. Remember, it was only 200 years ago that these psychos would attach leeches to you, and only 50 years ago they would happily give you a lobotomy if you asked nicely. Yes, these were offered to the public in the 50’s, and some people actually went for it voluntarily, opting for lobotomy to ‘cure’ supposed emotional issues.

So I think it pays to really look around, and listen to all concerned in ALL medical matters. And above all, don’t inject yourself or your loved ones with a toxic cocktail of unknown genetic material incubated in diseased monkey kidneys or chicken fetuses, ‘preserved’ with mercury (thimersol), and spiked with squalene – removed from all US Army vaccines as the de facto cause of Gulf War Syndrome, yet somehow safe for the public’s children?!? – all on top of God knows what else is purposely or incompetently allowed to be present!

Keep this final fact in the forefront of your mind – many vaccines have been found to contain reverse transcriptase activity, a classic indication of the presence of HIV.

How, then, could vaccines be ‘safe’?!? To believe they were ‘safe’, one would literally have to refute the foundations of the HIV/AIDS paradigm! HOW can we trust this kind of unanswered, wholly incongruent information, or anyone who would even imply any substance to these dangerous, medaevil medical behaviours?

GSK at centre of Russian vaccine scandal

January 2, 2010

re : GSK at centre of Russian vaccine scandal

Unreal – the Wall comes down, and we run in to use our new friends as guinea pigs.

I am SO SICK of people in our countries who do this to the world. There are no benefits to testing phony science in another country, it only allows those involved to bring their poisons and techniques back home where they can already have a comprehensive strategy based on what effects they ARE going to see and thus be ready to deny, as well as to form a cost analysis of projected lawsuits and legal actions.

It is VILE, it is EVIL, it is DEPRAVED, and the people responsible should be stripped of all of their credentials, and JAILED.