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We Wish You A Merry Christmas… But No Guarantees

December 10, 2011

Anyone curious as to why we say ‘Amen’ at the end of every prayer should invest 5 hours of their life watching the “Ring of Power” series.

If you’re new to this info, it will seem insane, and if you’ve seen Zeitgeist, this goes even further than that.

Personally, I don’t think this info takes anything away from the power of the Christ legend, the idea of God, and the values and culture that flow from that – in fact, I think it is important historical information that should be mainstream, so that we don’t lose hold of these truths.

I think we all know that the world economy is screwed up with ‘funny money’ – fiat currencies now so uncontrolled in their creation that they are effectively legalized counterfeiting schemes.  This creation of unlimited digital money has dangerously distorted our economies and, in turn, our very cultural fabric.

For example, housing and education could never have become so expensive without the imaginary loans and mortgages to pay for it all out of thin air, and what would once represent a significant investment of hard-saved earnings is now reduced to a mere monthly payment.  Loans are legitimized with down payments charged to credit cards at 5 times the interest of the loan itself, and consumers are encouraged to look no further than the next monthly payment in their judgement.

In the midst of this blizzard of digital fantasies are the banks and loan officers, all paying themselves commissions – with the same funny money they are ‘lending’ people – the day the loan is made.  This means that they get their commission whether the loan is successful or not.  This is an environment rife with corruption like no other, even topping the S&L frauds of the 80’s – read up on ‘NINJA’ loans and you’ll get the general idea.

Worse, by the time a loan fails, it will have long been bundled into packages of other loans and sold repeatedly to the point that in many cases no one knows who owns the loan anymore.  This state of affairs has seen homeowners saved from foreclosure when they demanded to know who owned their mortgage, as well as the criminally perverse reality of banks actually foreclosing on properties that don’t even have a mortgage, let alone one the bank owns.

Still, all of this pales in comparison to the mammoth, juggernaut of fraud that looms on the horizon in the form of CDO’s and Derivatives.  You see, after bundling all of this fake, phony, toxic debt in triple A rated securities, funds were created to offset the losses of these loans if/when they defaulted.  The ‘long’ end of these funds – again rated Triple A – were sold worldwide to governments, pension funds, mutual funds, and investors of all kinds worldwide, while the ‘short’ end was kept by the fraudsters involved.

In other words, they have bet against the economy itself, and stand to be ‘owed ‘literally 100 of Trillions of dollars when this giant ponzi pinata explodes, wiping out your savings and relegating governments and their populations into eternal debt slavery.

It’s a very real proposition, and driven, in my view, by the biggest overall danger of the distortions phony fiat digital counterfeit currencies bring to our lives :  because so much of the economy is artificially supported, it becomes all but impossible to tell when it is no longer working – until there is an unavoidable crash, as with any ponzi scheme, no matter how desperately it is kept afloat, it mathematically cannot survive over time.

That is a bit more economic analysis than this movie maybe gets into, but I wanted to try to put the ramifications of the issues raised in the Ring of Power series into immediate context.  Also, there is no more important piece to this puzzle than the understanding of what money itself actually is, and how important that its conceptualization, existence and control be in the people’s, and not private hands.

Despite the obvious clichés about Jews and money,  I encourage people to not look at this info backwards through time – that is, just because the roots of this are claimed to be ancient Hebrew tribes does not mean it has anything to do with modern Jews in Israel today.  What this is about, is an ancient elite that persists in our culture to this day.

That these blood lines exist is plain.  Their true nature and goals is up for debate – but whatever their power, holdings, wealth, alleged control of our monetary systems, or nefarious plots against our very humanity may be, these are historical, anthropological truths that need to be understood by the mainstream Peoples of the world.

There is no such thing as a ‘Chain of Command’, this is a manipulative euphemism for what is more truly a ‘Chain of Obedience’.  I present these ideas to you not because I wish to criticize or do away with our mutilated and deformed Christmas holiday, but because I want it BACK.  Let’s open our minds this year to the complex realities of our age, that we may truly know who the God ‘Amen’ is that we pray to under the guise of our various religions.

Psychosis Happens.

November 20, 2011

But what IS causing it? Probably heavy metal toxicity, could easily be food additives, hey maybe it’s the chicken poop they feed to the cows now, since they aren’t allowed to feed them their own brains anymore… or perhaps it’s the fluoride in your tap water, the same fluoride from which Prozac is made – plus 300 other chemicals from China that are added as part of ‘Fluoridation’…

So you have a toxicity problem, and you treat it with more toxins. Pure genius. And once you start taking these brain damaging neurotoxins, you can’t ever stop – because the REAL psychosis happens upon withdrawal, when the unknown damage done to the brain is no longer locked down with drugs that do not target psychotic thought, but ALL thought.  Including the higher faculties needed to work through your issues!!

If there truly is a physiological link to ‘mental illness’ then why is there not a massive study in progress to analyze the cerebral damage routinely found post mortem in long term psychiatric patients? Answer : because they don’t want to know what the drugs are doing to people’s brains.

Study the basic pharmacology of addiction, and you will understand how these brain damaging neurotoxins can destroy the very receptors they ‘target’ to the point where withdrawal results in these damaged receptors going haywire. Read a few books out there, Robert Whitaker’s “Mad In America” is a good start, Gwen Olsen’s “Confessions of a PhX Drug Pusher” is another. Look into what Dr Thomas Szasz has to say – “There are no CAUSES for human behaviour, only REASONS”.

The idea that you can chemically alter a person into a deeper understanding of reality is being used to sell a chemical version of Walter Freeman’s famous double icepick lobotomies done in the back of his sedan, aplty named the “Lobotomobile” (Heck, there’s even a PLAY about that! Starting with Thorazine, originally a hog dewormer, these chemicals cause far more harm than good, and if you want to use them to ‘control’ inconvenient behaviour, then I say one must do so in the knowledge that you will be forever damaging this person’s brain and subjecting them to a horrible LIFETIME addiction to these known to be lethal substances, that even warn in their package inserts that they can cause the very psychoses they are purported to treat.

So you can dress up in all the hallowe’en costumes you want to try to sell this, it is still genocidal medical fraud, and all the evidence you need is right there in the perpetrator’s own statements about their own products.  This is not medicine, it is a belief system, and a cultish one at that!

In fact, the idea that one’s ‘brain chemistry’ regulates itself represents a claim that one is being controlled by ‘other unknown forces’, and such a belief is considered to be a textbook symptom of psychosis itself. So you have a a field of ‘medicine’ whose claims meet its own definitions of psychotic ideation.

And where is God in all this? Oh yeh – the one with the stethoscope, right? The one who is closer in understanding to the forces that drive your own existence than you are?

That person, right? Who can diagnose you with a critical brain dysfunction by looking at you, and in fact judge you genetically inferior at the same time, drug you for the rest of your life and strip you of your freedoms without trial – you only get a hearing if you seek to have the order LIFTED, by which point you will be sitting in a pool of your own drool, plugged into the insurance system until it runs out – which here in Canada is NEVER, since medical insurance is ‘free’ (via your taxes taken at gunpoint, that is).

Whatever someone’s problems are, turning them into a cash cow for the rest of their now-much-shorter natural lives is no solution, instead it is a psychotic cultural Hell that we are fast dissolving into.  We are all being lied to and manipulated by a fraud that has deep roots, and is slowly murdering people with experimental neurotoxins whose exact processes in the brain are UNKNOWN (again, read the package inserts!).  This is no solution to so called ‘mental illness’, and contributes to if not outright creates the culture in which true psychopaths are drugging a whole generation of children for life, to such quantities that these drugs are showing up in the water supply.

So I guess we will find out what is in this particular box of Pandora’s. Oh boy, I can’t wait.

Doctor’s are the High priests of our day – and are now the 4th leading cause of death in the U.S.

Maybe they’ll make it to #1.

Peter Schiff Defends The 1%

October 30, 2011

“… the idea that Occupy Wall Street protesters have a right to share directly in the private profits earned by others is immoral. The protesters were correct in being outraged by having to share in Wall Street’s losses. But if they do not want to share the losses, they have no right to demand a share of the profits.” (

Ah, logic, such a painful taskmaster of truth it is.  Schiff really brings home the absurdity of the cognitive dissonance that has been created by this insane giant counterfeit ponzi scheme that we call our economy – that those who are protesting having money taken from their pockets against their will and given to others, demand as a solution the forced legal transfer of this increasingly ephemeral ‘wealth’ BACK into their alleged hands, that this circuitous shell game may continue ad nauseum.

See, Socialists make their money like bankers – by skimming off the top of a system of wealth storage and transfer.  While Capitalism has its wealth producing qualities, I think people forget that the money itself is inert – it is what people are motivated to DO with it that creates wealth, or waste, as the case may be.

But to the Socialist, this inherent quality of money is wholly lost.  They hoard cheese as if it will last forever, and never grow moldy or rot.  The worst wolves of greed dressed up in cute little bonnets, this cultish political religion is merely another potential income stream in an inherently Capitalist reality – a means to effect large scale wealth transfer, by force of arms, and simultaneously creating a centralization of that wealth as a necessary step in its puportedly morally justifiable confiscation and so called ‘redistribution’.

More than anything, this kind of system distorts the true economic reality of a nation and its people, creating an environment so false that it becomes impossible to tell when it is no longer working.  The solution is always more taxes, as if this is equivalent to an order for rain to fall, crops to grow in fields, fruit to grow on trees… as if more taxes have ANYTHING to do with wealth generation at all.

Ultimately, the ideal environment for the Socialist is a whirlwind of money changing hands arbitrarily, with fees collected at every step of the charade.  It is the social equivalent of setting up toll booths on every corner, and then ordering people by law to drive at least ten miles a day.  Well, people will find a way to manage their daily lives around such psychotic corruption, and the government may well thrive – but in this model, the true source of societal wealth occurs completely outside the activities of government, who simply perches itself on top as ultimate controller of all, purely to service its own inherently usurping ends.

So while the banks literally lend the government the money for their own bailouts – or at least participate in the creation of the financial instruments used to effect the alleged existence of this ‘money’ – and the government first GIVES the banks trillions of dollars, now the level of informed debate is about taxing it back again?!?!?  Huh?!?!  Does anyone smell a rat here?!?!

Well, imo, that ‘rat’ is the true purpose of all these bizarre machinations – keep the money moving around, that your fees and taxes (two sides of the same coin by now) may be added onto it incrementally at every transaction point.  This is a dangerous model for a culture, in fact it is little more than a free for all.

As Peter Schiff says – corporations don’t pay taxes, they dump them onto the consumer.  Tax them and you tax yourself.  You can tax them out of existence, but you can’t tax them into a self-generating source of true wealth – that will always be drawn from their customer base, every last cent of it.  So when they ARE taxed, one of the ways they find their way around this kind of thing is government subsidies and outright bailouts, all driven by unlimited fiat currency availability via the carefully constructed entity that is government today.

This is taxation by both the hidden tax of inflation and in fact outright counterfeit, the creation of ‘digital currency’ opening the doors WIDE for this kind of economic manipulation.  Only when the government prints money out of thin air, it is now furthermore compelled to pay interest on this counterfeit!!?!?!  On the flipside of this new pool of ‘wealth’ now centralized in concentrically tighter and more wide reaching rings of bureaucracy ie municipal, state, federal govts, are the tools to effect virtually unlimited tranfer of this wealth directly into private hands ie CDOs, Derivatives, etc.

Spun into these derivatives etc are hidden all the digital counterfeit that has been built into this illusion of secure financial holdings, masquerading as high return investments with a risk of disaster that can never occur, as it would mean the end of the system itself, an unthinkable scenario (to the average person, anyways – probably a hot topic at lotsa board meetings, though).

So this is a rough characterization of that sub-class of the wealthy whose riches are intrinsically tied to the government machinations and regulations that once purportedly kept them in check, which have now not only been brushed aside, but have in fact become a vehicle for fraud in and of themselves.

And this is where we are at now – government regulation as a vehicle for fraud.  Theft at gunpoint recharacterized as ‘taxation as civic duty’.  With so much of this driven by digital counterfeit fiat currencies, one has to wonder how much of the 40% of the world’s ‘wealth’ that the ‘1%’ control, is actually REAL?

By demanding this counterfeit be taxed BACK to ‘save the poor’, in fact PARTICIPATES in the fraud itself, and sets in motion yet another run round the flag pole, slapping fivers in the hand of endless bankers and bureaucrats at every turn (and when you run around a flagpole, it’s one long turn…;).

That is my attempt to unravel this madness – and I think that Schiff’s quote gets to the heart of the matter : Demanding that the bailouts come from the taxes of the rich makes no sense whatsoever – no matter how much you tax them, they will just effectively print more money into their own hands to pay said taxes, so you merely tax yourself further, directly and via inflation.

Justifying these taxes by first giving these folk TRILLIONS in bailouts is not just the schizophrenic policy it appears on the surface, it is simply the latest razzle dazzle trick to get that money up for another run around the track, where a pound of your flesh will be sliced off at every opportunity.

Asking for more taxes to effect MORE ‘redistribution’ of wealth by ARMED FORCE, merely signs on to the fraud.  Once you convince yourself it is ethical to take from others under threat of violence, you justify your own inevitable fate at the hand of such skewed logic.   If you don’t want your money stolen from you, don’t steal other people’s!!

Thoughts On Vaccines From The Island Of Dr. Moreau

October 11, 2011

There is much discussion of the dangers of vaccines today, as well as concerns of their efficacy.  But what if the underlying theory of vaccines itself was wrong?  What if Jenner’s ‘discoveries’ in 1793 were just magical thinking that has NEVER been proven scientifically in double blind studies?  What if blaming ‘viruses’ for disease made as much sense as blaming firemen for the blaze they are battling, or paramedics for the pileup on the highway they are frantically attending?

If you wish to delve into the shaky foundations of this hypothesis treated as medical fact in our supposedly modern world, a really good place to start is Janine Roberts’ book Fear Of The Invisible.  She devotes a lot of attention to the Gallo fraud surrounding HIV – and its pretty damning – but also delves into the specific methods used to isolate ‘viruses’, as well as how some of the first vaccines were made and proven to be legitimate.  Think along the lines of bleeding people with leeches because they are ‘too wet’ – the science involved would be shocking to a janitor.

You can find a lot of excerpts on her site – I always suggest people start here :

There is much new information in the field of molecular biology that in fact puts into serious question the underlying theory of vaccines as a whole, never mind the way they are now made.

The key point to grasp is that so called ‘viral’ particles found in the bodies of humans and animals are not identified by their behavioural characteristics, rather they are defined by their molecular size and weight.  Thus, when looking for a ‘virus’ in the vicinity of a ‘diseased’ cell, material is simply filtered for these purely physical characteristics, and that is said to be the offending ‘virus’.

However, the original viral hypothesis points to these identifiable particles as inducing illness simply due to their presence in much greater quantities near and around a cell in distress or ‘dis-ease’.  Now it is being discovered that these particles are also in fact integral to cell function, communication, and even cell repair.  Thus their increasing numbers near sick cells may well be the body’s response and attempt to address the issues present, NOT their actual cause.

So this brings us to one of Ms. Roberts’ key findings – that no vaccine can be filtered of anything smaller than the ‘viral’ particles seen to be required to produce ‘immunity’.  Thus ALL vaccines are rife with errant ‘viruses’, cell debris and random genetic material.  It might be noted here that there is no such thing as a ‘live’ or ‘dead’ virus – all are inert genetic material, and require a living cell to utilize them.  Thus to say they ’cause’ some of the horrors we now see is like saying dumping a handful of nuts and bolts into your car’s engine the next time you top up your oil, produces a ‘disease’ of which one ‘symptom’ is broken valves and metal shards throughout your cylinders and transmission.

Furthermore, many vaccines are incubated in monkey kidneys (!?!?!)  thus, it clearly follows that they contain much errant simian DNA, which is often said to be genetically very similar to human DNA.  So firing this toxic soup past your body’s firewall is pretty much madness on the level of The Island Of Dr. Moreau – I don’t think it is a stretch to say this, as the body might easily misidentify these ‘viral’ sized materials as coming from another cell in your body.  Thus, we are talking about perhaps an attempt to foster genetic regression – if it can be said to foster anything.  Personally, I think it would be like trying to make your Chevy engine into a Ford by dumping the aforementioned handful of bolts into it, or putting in the wrong pistons or something.  In other words, it’s nonsense to claim predictable effects other than rampant damage and reduced function.

Now, here is the punchline.  Look up the definition of ‘Innoculate’.  It comes from Latin ‘to graft’.  In other words, the grafting of two plant species to create a third, hybrid species.

Etymology: L, inoculare, to graft

(medical term) the introduction of a substance (inoculum) into the body to produce or to increase immunity to the disease or condition associated with the substance. It is performed by making multiple scratches in the skin after placement of a drop of the substance on the skin, by puncture of the skin with an implement bearing multiple short tines, or by intradermal, subcutaneous, or intramuscular injection. Introduction can also be intranasal or oral. -inoculate, v.

Talk about ‘hide in plain sight’, huh?  What do you think about ‘vaccines’ now?

Kudos to Hank Jr.

October 6, 2011
With the ridiculous uproar of Hank Williams Jr.’s misunderstood analogy (he didn’t actually compare anyone to anyone – in fact it’s telling that everyone feels he meant to depict Obama as Hitler, does that make Boener Netanyahu?), I thought that football was a good way to demonstrate how true Market Capitalism can be distorted by Socialism, and further how even if Socialism might work, applying it to the current economic paradigm would in fact further the corrupt system robbing us all of our toils, by simply spreading the counterfeit around.
I am inspired here by a recent article I read claiming that 1% of the US population owns approx 40% of the country’s ‘wealth’.
So – imagine a football game, it’s the 4th quarter, and the Home Team is up 28 to 7.  Suddenly, Marxist Leninist agitators spur the losing team to take to the field and protest the unfair distribution of points. claiming that there is a finite number of points to be had, and that these should be shared equally between both teams.  This is Socialism in action.  Each team is given 17.5 points, and no one loses!!  Yay!!
Now, imagine a football game where the Home Team has had one of their buddies hijack the scoreboard, is putting up however many points they want to for themselves, and has paid off the referees to look the other way.  No matter how hard the Visiting Team tries, no matter how many touchdowns they score, their points are rendered irrelevant by the Home Team simply adding 5 times as many points to its score, to cheers from their fans, and a blind eye from officials.
Again the Marxist Leninist sympathizers take to the field, but instead of decrying the fraud, they demand a redistribution of these points, using the same old tired arguments that just because a person might be smarter than others, that doesn’t mean it’s fair for them to be better at math (for example).  Furthermore, they demand access to the scoreboard controls themselves, so that they too can add as many points to their team’s total as they please!
This is where the Socialists show their true colours – they are just as happy as Wall St. to add as many points to the scoreboard as they need to keep their fans cheering, and care just as little as the ‘Home Team’ about the integrity of the game.
But ultimately, the point I am trying to make is this : when people talk about 1% of the population owning 40% of the wealth, they neglect to point out that a considerable amount of that ‘wealth’ is FAKE – numbers in a ponzi scheme designed to obfuscate true economic realities.  To put it another way, if the total wealth of a given nation is represented by 100 Billion dollars of their currency, and a sinister cabal criminally prints up another $65 Billion to make themselves obscenely rich, the solution is not to redistribute that wealth killing conterfeit money to ‘the people’.  When these criminals created this $65 Billion out of thin air, they devalued the currency by approx 40% – what used to cost a dollar now costs $1.65.
Clearly the solution is to arrest this criminal cabal, destroy their counterfeit, and restore sound money.
Yet the ‘Socialists’ buy into the original fraud as a means justified by their dogmatic ends.  They don’t care that the ‘points’ are all fake, as long as they go to ‘their’ team.  Meanwhile the integrity of the game is lost, and the players lose any motivation to pursue points that have no relevance anymore, as they are just added to the scoreboard as needed by whomever manages to control the scoreboard at the time.  In fact, half the players don’t even bother to take to the field at all – instead, they form teams of ‘experts’ and ‘officials’ to oversee the manipulation of the scoreboard, as if deciding the game in this manner has any connection to reality at all.
So that’s what I see.  You can ‘redistribute’ all the counterfeit fiat currency you want, it will only plunge any economy further into poverty via a combination of inflation and people living off free fake money, rather than producing some kind of input into the culture around them that people actually have a use or desire to consume (demonstrated by their willingness to hand over hard earned legitimate currency in exchange).
4th Quarter, 3rd Down, and the players are horsing around on the field waiting the see who the scoreboard says will win, oblivious to the fact that it is meaningless relative to why they showed up to play in the first place, and why anybody ever cared to show up and watch.
Just as such a scenario would destroy the sport of Football overnight, what we are watching unfold economically is Endgame for our collective cultures as a whole.  These fiat currencies have distorted our societies to the point where true value is no longer represented, and warning signs of impending doom are obscured until it is too late.
When you centralize wealth and power, it will always be stolen.  Freedom is the answer, and sound money the most important cornerstone of all in this pursuit.  Spreading around the fake cash that has been created to effect a massive fraud against people worldwide may well divert true solutions to this impending nightmare until it is far, far too late.

What Is The Psychology of Psychiatry?

December 15, 2010

This whole idea of telling kids that self-control comes in a pill – how can you teach a kid self-control when you start with the assumptive premise that none of us have any on a fundamental level? That control lies outside of the conscious… self on a chemical playing field which YOU have no direct access to or even awareness of, but some obsessive controlling, psychopathic self-appointed ‘expert’ in a Hallowe’en costume and with a piece of paper mounted on the wall DOES.

This is RELIGION, not science – and the new ‘priests’ of our age are these so called ‘doctors’ who claim to have more access to your inner processes than YOU do.

But this is a psychotic ideation in and of itself – the belief that one is being controlled by ‘other forces’. Thus, this industry meets its own definition of psychoses!! And they pull the rug out from under these kids by claiming to ‘help’ them, while simultaneously starting with the premise that none of us have any conscious self control – that our perception of this personal power is nothing more than a series of chemical reactions that regulate and maintain themselves, irrelevant of our will or participation in these supposedly wholly physiological processes.

This is the literal schooling of a generation of children in psychosis, as their fundamental understanding of their own existence – that it happens of its own accord, and we are just along for the ride, whether we like it or not.

The one question that I think we need to ask in the face of this onslaught of child abuse is :

What Is The Psychology of Psychiatry?

In my view and experience, it is the purview of professional voyeurs and intellectual perverts who seek to victimize their fellow citizens for their legitimate human vulnerabilities.

‘Psychiatry’ is not a discipline designed to ‘help’ anyone – it is a discipline whose sole purpose is to elevate the socio-economic status of its practitioners above their fellow humans, by any means whatsoever, including the total chemical destruction of their very being through the use of neurotoxins designed to shut down the brain in reverse evolutionary order – the definitive response of the cerebral cortex to trauma.

These drugs don’t target specific thought processes, they shut down ALL thought.

And that is exactly what they are designed and intended to accomplish, to as many people as possible.

I ask again :

What Is The Psychology of Psychiatry?


PA Tax Amnesty Big Brother TV Ad — We Know Who You Are!!!!!

June 18, 2010

Note to America : Taxation-as-Industry Is Coming To Town

February 5, 2010

How d'ya like THEM apples?

Your tax dollars at ‘work’.

Socialism is now seen by many to be a potential income stream within our Capitalist Freedoms.

This is a twisted and perverse logic that allows the most duplicitous amongst us to effectively set their own welfare rates, while giving them direct control of the tax base with which to do this!

It is ABSURD – and it is COMMUNISM.

Stop it, or you will become Canada – stripped of your guns, and forced to dutifully pay into what amounts to a 51% tax base, when all taxes, fees and obligations are considered, and receive whatever services and medical care the Government chooses to dole out in return.

This is not some mysterious figure – it is reported annually in the newspapers every June. A 51% percent tax base allows us to start spending our OWN money literally the day after our National Holiday, Canada Day, on July 1st.

Thus, if you allow continued growth of government into the inevitable socialism and communism it will by definition become – ALL governments that become too top heavy deteriorate into effective Communism whether one likes it or not – then you will find new meaning in your July 4th ‘Independence Day’ celebrations.

That will be the day your annual total income starts to come to you, rather than be skimmed off the top for the Government.

This is not a workable economy – a dollar changes hands twice, and the Government has it again? There is no economic sense or justification for this – it is a shell game, nothing more, designed to maintain an environment of confusion in which to continue to strip mine the wealth of the people as much as they can be led to humanly endure.

Stop it, before you’re taking orders from the new 3 million strong ‘Civilian Action Force’ Obama is currently putting into place – a tool of oppression that will haunt your country for generations, if not destroy it outright.

Obama's Ten Point Plan for 'Change'