Merry (insert politically correct narrative here) To All!!

I don’t think there is a more telling example of both the absurdity and the danger of the cult of the ‘politically correct’ than attempts to replace the word ‘Christmas’ with ‘Holidays’ in the common vernacular.  Congratulations, we have now reached the point that no one is allowed to address the actual reasons this is a holiday in the first place.

So when kids ask, why is this a holiday?, they can now be told they aren’t allowed to know, because no one is allowed to tell them.  This is nothing less than collective cultural psychosis!!

Think about how insane it really is, and the total disintegration of understanding it represents, to have the culture so arbitrarily reformed by the manipulative whims of strangely self-important people whose underlying life philosophy becomes less and less clear as its shallow, Godless nature becomes more and more apparent.

If a people’s history can be reduced to a guy in a red suit from a Coca Cola ad campaign, and then outlawed altogether, we are well on the way to a cultural vacuum of nonsense, superficial beliefs that is the beginning of an aimless social chaos that could well plunge the world into the Hell we are no longer allowed to talk about.

These days I wonder, if this was the plan, could the people behind this inanity be doing a better job?


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