Psychosis Happens.

But what IS causing it? Probably heavy metal toxicity, could easily be food additives, hey maybe it’s the chicken poop they feed to the cows now, since they aren’t allowed to feed them their own brains anymore… or perhaps it’s the fluoride in your tap water, the same fluoride from which Prozac is made – plus 300 other chemicals from China that are added as part of ‘Fluoridation’…

So you have a toxicity problem, and you treat it with more toxins. Pure genius. And once you start taking these brain damaging neurotoxins, you can’t ever stop – because the REAL psychosis happens upon withdrawal, when the unknown damage done to the brain is no longer locked down with drugs that do not target psychotic thought, but ALL thought.  Including the higher faculties needed to work through your issues!!

If there truly is a physiological link to ‘mental illness’ then why is there not a massive study in progress to analyze the cerebral damage routinely found post mortem in long term psychiatric patients? Answer : because they don’t want to know what the drugs are doing to people’s brains.

Study the basic pharmacology of addiction, and you will understand how these brain damaging neurotoxins can destroy the very receptors they ‘target’ to the point where withdrawal results in these damaged receptors going haywire. Read a few books out there, Robert Whitaker’s “Mad In America” is a good start, Gwen Olsen’s “Confessions of a PhX Drug Pusher” is another. Look into what Dr Thomas Szasz has to say – “There are no CAUSES for human behaviour, only REASONS”.

The idea that you can chemically alter a person into a deeper understanding of reality is being used to sell a chemical version of Walter Freeman’s famous double icepick lobotomies done in the back of his sedan, aplty named the “Lobotomobile” (Heck, there’s even a PLAY about that! Starting with Thorazine, originally a hog dewormer, these chemicals cause far more harm than good, and if you want to use them to ‘control’ inconvenient behaviour, then I say one must do so in the knowledge that you will be forever damaging this person’s brain and subjecting them to a horrible LIFETIME addiction to these known to be lethal substances, that even warn in their package inserts that they can cause the very psychoses they are purported to treat.

So you can dress up in all the hallowe’en costumes you want to try to sell this, it is still genocidal medical fraud, and all the evidence you need is right there in the perpetrator’s own statements about their own products.  This is not medicine, it is a belief system, and a cultish one at that!

In fact, the idea that one’s ‘brain chemistry’ regulates itself represents a claim that one is being controlled by ‘other unknown forces’, and such a belief is considered to be a textbook symptom of psychosis itself. So you have a a field of ‘medicine’ whose claims meet its own definitions of psychotic ideation.

And where is God in all this? Oh yeh – the one with the stethoscope, right? The one who is closer in understanding to the forces that drive your own existence than you are?

That person, right? Who can diagnose you with a critical brain dysfunction by looking at you, and in fact judge you genetically inferior at the same time, drug you for the rest of your life and strip you of your freedoms without trial – you only get a hearing if you seek to have the order LIFTED, by which point you will be sitting in a pool of your own drool, plugged into the insurance system until it runs out – which here in Canada is NEVER, since medical insurance is ‘free’ (via your taxes taken at gunpoint, that is).

Whatever someone’s problems are, turning them into a cash cow for the rest of their now-much-shorter natural lives is no solution, instead it is a psychotic cultural Hell that we are fast dissolving into.  We are all being lied to and manipulated by a fraud that has deep roots, and is slowly murdering people with experimental neurotoxins whose exact processes in the brain are UNKNOWN (again, read the package inserts!).  This is no solution to so called ‘mental illness’, and contributes to if not outright creates the culture in which true psychopaths are drugging a whole generation of children for life, to such quantities that these drugs are showing up in the water supply.

So I guess we will find out what is in this particular box of Pandora’s. Oh boy, I can’t wait.

Doctor’s are the High priests of our day – and are now the 4th leading cause of death in the U.S.

Maybe they’ll make it to #1.


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