Peter Schiff Defends The 1%

“… the idea that Occupy Wall Street protesters have a right to share directly in the private profits earned by others is immoral. The protesters were correct in being outraged by having to share in Wall Street’s losses. But if they do not want to share the losses, they have no right to demand a share of the profits.” (

Ah, logic, such a painful taskmaster of truth it is.  Schiff really brings home the absurdity of the cognitive dissonance that has been created by this insane giant counterfeit ponzi scheme that we call our economy – that those who are protesting having money taken from their pockets against their will and given to others, demand as a solution the forced legal transfer of this increasingly ephemeral ‘wealth’ BACK into their alleged hands, that this circuitous shell game may continue ad nauseum.

See, Socialists make their money like bankers – by skimming off the top of a system of wealth storage and transfer.  While Capitalism has its wealth producing qualities, I think people forget that the money itself is inert – it is what people are motivated to DO with it that creates wealth, or waste, as the case may be.

But to the Socialist, this inherent quality of money is wholly lost.  They hoard cheese as if it will last forever, and never grow moldy or rot.  The worst wolves of greed dressed up in cute little bonnets, this cultish political religion is merely another potential income stream in an inherently Capitalist reality – a means to effect large scale wealth transfer, by force of arms, and simultaneously creating a centralization of that wealth as a necessary step in its puportedly morally justifiable confiscation and so called ‘redistribution’.

More than anything, this kind of system distorts the true economic reality of a nation and its people, creating an environment so false that it becomes impossible to tell when it is no longer working.  The solution is always more taxes, as if this is equivalent to an order for rain to fall, crops to grow in fields, fruit to grow on trees… as if more taxes have ANYTHING to do with wealth generation at all.

Ultimately, the ideal environment for the Socialist is a whirlwind of money changing hands arbitrarily, with fees collected at every step of the charade.  It is the social equivalent of setting up toll booths on every corner, and then ordering people by law to drive at least ten miles a day.  Well, people will find a way to manage their daily lives around such psychotic corruption, and the government may well thrive – but in this model, the true source of societal wealth occurs completely outside the activities of government, who simply perches itself on top as ultimate controller of all, purely to service its own inherently usurping ends.

So while the banks literally lend the government the money for their own bailouts – or at least participate in the creation of the financial instruments used to effect the alleged existence of this ‘money’ – and the government first GIVES the banks trillions of dollars, now the level of informed debate is about taxing it back again?!?!?  Huh?!?!  Does anyone smell a rat here?!?!

Well, imo, that ‘rat’ is the true purpose of all these bizarre machinations – keep the money moving around, that your fees and taxes (two sides of the same coin by now) may be added onto it incrementally at every transaction point.  This is a dangerous model for a culture, in fact it is little more than a free for all.

As Peter Schiff says – corporations don’t pay taxes, they dump them onto the consumer.  Tax them and you tax yourself.  You can tax them out of existence, but you can’t tax them into a self-generating source of true wealth – that will always be drawn from their customer base, every last cent of it.  So when they ARE taxed, one of the ways they find their way around this kind of thing is government subsidies and outright bailouts, all driven by unlimited fiat currency availability via the carefully constructed entity that is government today.

This is taxation by both the hidden tax of inflation and in fact outright counterfeit, the creation of ‘digital currency’ opening the doors WIDE for this kind of economic manipulation.  Only when the government prints money out of thin air, it is now furthermore compelled to pay interest on this counterfeit!!?!?!  On the flipside of this new pool of ‘wealth’ now centralized in concentrically tighter and more wide reaching rings of bureaucracy ie municipal, state, federal govts, are the tools to effect virtually unlimited tranfer of this wealth directly into private hands ie CDOs, Derivatives, etc.

Spun into these derivatives etc are hidden all the digital counterfeit that has been built into this illusion of secure financial holdings, masquerading as high return investments with a risk of disaster that can never occur, as it would mean the end of the system itself, an unthinkable scenario (to the average person, anyways – probably a hot topic at lotsa board meetings, though).

So this is a rough characterization of that sub-class of the wealthy whose riches are intrinsically tied to the government machinations and regulations that once purportedly kept them in check, which have now not only been brushed aside, but have in fact become a vehicle for fraud in and of themselves.

And this is where we are at now – government regulation as a vehicle for fraud.  Theft at gunpoint recharacterized as ‘taxation as civic duty’.  With so much of this driven by digital counterfeit fiat currencies, one has to wonder how much of the 40% of the world’s ‘wealth’ that the ‘1%’ control, is actually REAL?

By demanding this counterfeit be taxed BACK to ‘save the poor’, in fact PARTICIPATES in the fraud itself, and sets in motion yet another run round the flag pole, slapping fivers in the hand of endless bankers and bureaucrats at every turn (and when you run around a flagpole, it’s one long turn…;).

That is my attempt to unravel this madness – and I think that Schiff’s quote gets to the heart of the matter : Demanding that the bailouts come from the taxes of the rich makes no sense whatsoever – no matter how much you tax them, they will just effectively print more money into their own hands to pay said taxes, so you merely tax yourself further, directly and via inflation.

Justifying these taxes by first giving these folk TRILLIONS in bailouts is not just the schizophrenic policy it appears on the surface, it is simply the latest razzle dazzle trick to get that money up for another run around the track, where a pound of your flesh will be sliced off at every opportunity.

Asking for more taxes to effect MORE ‘redistribution’ of wealth by ARMED FORCE, merely signs on to the fraud.  Once you convince yourself it is ethical to take from others under threat of violence, you justify your own inevitable fate at the hand of such skewed logic.   If you don’t want your money stolen from you, don’t steal other people’s!!

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