Memoir To A Memory Of A Failed Ideal

I am grieving Gaddafi today – and sons, I have heard – martyrs for both African unity and self-determination, whether you like it or not, and martyrs to an ideal of sovereignty and minding one’s own business, so lost in today’s cynical pursuit of only the ugliest of wealth as we know it.

So what of Mother Libya now? Shall we inject our so called culture into theirs, in the usual bizarre social engineering innoculation/vaccination that we have grown so used to in our daily lullabyes?

Alright, well, nice job, assholes. A piece of history is crudely smeared across our alleged ideals, like so much pig guts on the door signifying an ugly warning.

This sick, pathetic murder is a tragedy and a joke upon the world stage, and whoever Gaddafi was bears no justification for this wag-the-dog-esque homicide.

Gaddafi was a character in the collective consciousness, and not least because he was a bold speaker, often of undeniable truths – he pursued an African Union and currency, truly of its own, using well founded banking law within current allegedly sovereign borders – at home he was a unifying force between the three different tribal factions that formed the basic makeup of the country – a man of his people by definition, one who has presided over great advances amongst a tumultuous cultural paradigm.

Ok, well, that is my eulogy for someone whom we should not forget was a statesman, above all else, and they took him out as part of a fake pseudo rebel victory in a country that had done nothing worthy of world criticism outside of its own borders. A gang hit – TOTAL disrespect from a Nobel Peace Laureate. A Drone Drive By.  Pimpin’, bi-atches.

But if those borders are porous, then why not anyones? If one leader is fair game for targeted assassination, then why is any leader safe? Well, war marches on – so is this the modern psychological equivalent of the Minutemen? How dare they hide behind trees and pick us off? Shall we dispense with such silly rules, then?

I guess the question returns to who’s picking off whom, and why.

But sure, why not. Because I am a good person at heart, I can just kill anyone I want, and it will always be an accident if they didn’t deserve it anyways.

R.I.P. Muammar Gaddafi – may he rest in peace to contemplate all his mistakes, including his crimes.

2012, here we come.


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