Beggarz Sez Vol. 1.1

This is the usual ‘Gore-onic’ argument. The moon is made of green cheese, and despite the flagrantly fraudulent activities of those who claim this, skeptics are yet expected to prove it isn’t – which is impossible now that the data is all phony! Then the usual dumbed down arguments about ‘less pollution is good no matter what’ are trotted out.

We should act like the moon is made of green cheese, just in case it is, and just in case the fact that it is made of green cheese actually will endanger us somehow. Won’t we be sorry when we look up to watch in terrified regret as the cow jumps over the moon, trips over chicken little, the sky comes down upon our heads, and all is lost.

This is the LAST time I allow this kind of drivel to be posted on my blog, and the last time I will respond to it.

Of COURSE we need to clean our air – and we HAVE been. Cities were far worse at the turn of the 19th century when people were burning coal in their houses for heat!! So where is that smog and coal dust now? Gone, and the planet is still alive, and so are we.

We need responsible approaches, and throwing away one energy source to force a change to a more expensive alternative is NOT the answer! There is, in fact, as much evidence that the Earth as an organism is producing oil all the time, and that we have centuries of supplies that are being choked off much like the diamond trade, as there is for so called ‘Anthropomorphic Global Warming’ (those greenies with their megaphones just LOVE words like that – it makes them feel so IMPORTANT!!).

Furthermore, all these claims about so called ‘green’ energy are religion, not fact! Solar panel manufacture is an incredibly toxic process, and disposal is a problem; wind farms need a coal plant anyway for when the stupid wind isn’t blowing; ethanol and ‘bio-fuel’ have been a disaster that requires 3/4 litre of regular diesel to produce 1 litre of biofuel, when all is said and done, and have driven up world food prices and starved people to death the world over in the millions.

YES, there are issues with fossil fuels – but our technology in this field is far, far advanced, and getting better all the time. Meanwhile people get ants in their pants over the fact that Hydrogen burns into a waste product of water vapour, and don’t see the wider picture that these actual technologies represent at their current stages of development. If you don’t factor in manufacture and disposal, then you have not done your homework.

This is driven, quite simply, by perverse, self-hating humans. But if you hate your culture, then why live it? Change it – but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Fossil fuels have given us everything we hold dear today in our lifestyles, and banning them in favour of – uh, what, exactly? – will only condemn us to more issues swept under the rug from new energy sources that in the end will be propped up by fossil fuels, and ultimately funded at a loss by crippling taxes that have become so outrageous they actually threaten to destroy our very economies!

This is INSANE – personally, I would like to live in a world where at least SOMEONE is well-off, but ‘fairness’ seems to dictate that we all rewind the clock 500 years until we’re once again trading half our carrot crop to a feudal lord for permission to keep farming. The idea that if one person lives in a mud hut, so should everyone is NOT a model for ever bringing the rest of the world to the level of wealth western economies have realized through hard work and endless individual initiative and cooperation. In fact, it will keep those people in poverty – look to Eritrea, who have refused the IMF/UN model, and whose economy is now BOOMING.

As for the supposedly nasty evil ‘Big Oil’ shills – what could be more in their interest than an artificial scare that doubles if not triples the price of oil? We hear from greenies all the time about how greedy Big Oil is – yet on closer inspection, we find the CRU taking money from Shell and even Exxon, and IPCC Chairman Dr. Pauchuri hiding extensive ties to India’s massive Oil and Energy conglomerate TATA.

Simply put, the people pushing this agenda are CROOKS – and you’re an IDIOT. If the evidence is FRAUDULENT, then for God’s sakes stop defending it like a total FOOL, and let’s get on with making this planet a truly better place to live.

As for the ‘just in case’ argument – just in case of WHAT? Clearly the answer is now ‘just in case of NOTHING’. Even if some of the climate related issues could be directly attributed to our activities, these can be dealt with much more economically as they arise – using fossil fuel powered machines and technologies, no less! You don’t pay $6000 a year to insure a $4000 car. It makes no sense.

As for enduring ‘drastic, unprecedented climate change’, we seem to do fine from season to season, and it is both absurd and comical that nobody seems to notice this. Every year we manage changes in temperature that range over 50 degrees centigrade, and which regularly throw our lives into total chaos. God forbid we started trying to even these seasonal patterns out somehow – we’d make a real mess of it, I guarantee you.

Wind power is highly suspect – wave and tidal power are much more promising. But if fossil fuels are plentiful, cheap, technologically advanced, cleaner all the time, and provide the world’s flora with all the CO2 it wants, then I have to say – maybe this is God’s will that we discover them and melt a few igloos, no?

Sure beats finding you frozen in the snow, and then realizing it’s all there is left to eat.


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