Kudos to Hank Jr.

With the ridiculous uproar of Hank Williams Jr.’s misunderstood analogy (he didn’t actually compare anyone to anyone – in fact it’s telling that everyone feels he meant to depict Obama as Hitler, does that make Boener Netanyahu?), I thought that football was a good way to demonstrate how true Market Capitalism can be distorted by Socialism, and further how even if Socialism might work, applying it to the current economic paradigm would in fact further the corrupt system robbing us all of our toils, by simply spreading the counterfeit around.
I am inspired here by a recent article I read claiming that 1% of the US population owns approx 40% of the country’s ‘wealth’.  http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2011/10/03/334156/top-five-wealthiest-one-percent/
So – imagine a football game, it’s the 4th quarter, and the Home Team is up 28 to 7.  Suddenly, Marxist Leninist agitators spur the losing team to take to the field and protest the unfair distribution of points. claiming that there is a finite number of points to be had, and that these should be shared equally between both teams.  This is Socialism in action.  Each team is given 17.5 points, and no one loses!!  Yay!!
Now, imagine a football game where the Home Team has had one of their buddies hijack the scoreboard, is putting up however many points they want to for themselves, and has paid off the referees to look the other way.  No matter how hard the Visiting Team tries, no matter how many touchdowns they score, their points are rendered irrelevant by the Home Team simply adding 5 times as many points to its score, to cheers from their fans, and a blind eye from officials.
Again the Marxist Leninist sympathizers take to the field, but instead of decrying the fraud, they demand a redistribution of these points, using the same old tired arguments that just because a person might be smarter than others, that doesn’t mean it’s fair for them to be better at math (for example).  Furthermore, they demand access to the scoreboard controls themselves, so that they too can add as many points to their team’s total as they please!
This is where the Socialists show their true colours – they are just as happy as Wall St. to add as many points to the scoreboard as they need to keep their fans cheering, and care just as little as the ‘Home Team’ about the integrity of the game.
But ultimately, the point I am trying to make is this : when people talk about 1% of the population owning 40% of the wealth, they neglect to point out that a considerable amount of that ‘wealth’ is FAKE – numbers in a ponzi scheme designed to obfuscate true economic realities.  To put it another way, if the total wealth of a given nation is represented by 100 Billion dollars of their currency, and a sinister cabal criminally prints up another $65 Billion to make themselves obscenely rich, the solution is not to redistribute that wealth killing conterfeit money to ‘the people’.  When these criminals created this $65 Billion out of thin air, they devalued the currency by approx 40% – what used to cost a dollar now costs $1.65.
Clearly the solution is to arrest this criminal cabal, destroy their counterfeit, and restore sound money.
Yet the ‘Socialists’ buy into the original fraud as a means justified by their dogmatic ends.  They don’t care that the ‘points’ are all fake, as long as they go to ‘their’ team.  Meanwhile the integrity of the game is lost, and the players lose any motivation to pursue points that have no relevance anymore, as they are just added to the scoreboard as needed by whomever manages to control the scoreboard at the time.  In fact, half the players don’t even bother to take to the field at all – instead, they form teams of ‘experts’ and ‘officials’ to oversee the manipulation of the scoreboard, as if deciding the game in this manner has any connection to reality at all.
So that’s what I see.  You can ‘redistribute’ all the counterfeit fiat currency you want, it will only plunge any economy further into poverty via a combination of inflation and people living off free fake money, rather than producing some kind of input into the culture around them that people actually have a use or desire to consume (demonstrated by their willingness to hand over hard earned legitimate currency in exchange).
4th Quarter, 3rd Down, and the players are horsing around on the field waiting the see who the scoreboard says will win, oblivious to the fact that it is meaningless relative to why they showed up to play in the first place, and why anybody ever cared to show up and watch.
Just as such a scenario would destroy the sport of Football overnight, what we are watching unfold economically is Endgame for our collective cultures as a whole.  These fiat currencies have distorted our societies to the point where true value is no longer represented, and warning signs of impending doom are obscured until it is too late.
When you centralize wealth and power, it will always be stolen.  Freedom is the answer, and sound money the most important cornerstone of all in this pursuit.  Spreading around the fake cash that has been created to effect a massive fraud against people worldwide may well divert true solutions to this impending nightmare until it is far, far too late.

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