Psychiatry is HATE, Psychiatry is LIES, Psychiatry is MURDER.

The assertion that our thoughts and feelings occur as the result of chemical reactions in the brain over which we do NOT have fundamental control ie our ‘genetics’ controls this, is tantamount to the claim that we are “Being controlled by other unknown forces”, and as such meets the clinical definition of psychotic ideation put forth by this very industry whose foundational tenets in fact meet its own definition of psychosis!!

No tests, no pathology, no etiology, no confirmatory physical abnormality = NO DISEASE.

Psychiatry is a discipline wholly devised, designed and dedicated to elevating its practitioners socio-economically above others around them in the culture – even if it means destroying their culture, belief systems, or physical and mental health as a means to this end.

Psychiatrists should study and forcibly medicate THEMSELVES – for they are professional voyeurs and intellectual perverts whose obsessive controlling natures drive them to vicitmize other citizens for those people’s natural human inconsistencies and vulnerabilities.

Psychiatry is HATE, Psychiatry is LIES, Psychiatry is MURDER.


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7 Responses to “Psychiatry is HATE, Psychiatry is LIES, Psychiatry is MURDER.”

  1. max stirner Says:

    I am completely in agreement with this post. Rigorous logic, cutting through the bullshit of the psychiatry game. I just hope you are not a Scientology front! I’m not down for replacing one bullshit con game for a different flavor of bullshit con game…

    • beggarz Says:

      Thanks Max – I was actually in touch with the CCHR, started by the Scientologists and Dr. Thomas Szasz. To their credit, they are the only people I encountered out there – the only organization, I mean – who are really fighting this that I have come across. Other people say the most mindblowingly inane things to me – like when I explained to one woman for ten minutes how, fed up with 20 years of fraudulent drugging, I had taken my brother from being unable to answer the phone to having long conversations with me in less than a year, simply by actually engaging the guy over the phone, no less! – to which she responded “Oh! He must be on some wonderful medication now!” I mena, it really, really is mind control – of the willing, perhaps, but mind control nonetheless.

      However, my experiences with the CCHR irked me. First off, I went into their ‘office’ (the Scientology building!), and met with a woman who repeatedly tried to get ME to sign a piece of paper authorizing them to act on MY behalf against the mental health industry – she was Ukranian, I think, a little older, with a thick accent, but I really don’t think it was a misunderstanding on her part – I told her three times, why should I sign this, it is my brother who needs to sign this, not me! But she didn’t respond or explain, she just kept asking me to sign it!! Then I met with this really creepy guy who recorded our entire conversation in his truck – very messed up stuff at a very messed up time, when I was reeling from finding out that tests I was told had been done on my little bro 20 years before were not only never done, they in fact never even EXISTED, and still don’t.

      My conclusion is that my brother DOES suffer from ‘mental illness’ – only it’s not HIS mental illness that he is suffering from. It is a collective cultural psychosis that has now gripped the entire world. As for the Scientologists… they didn’t like it too much when I asked them if they genuinely wanted to help, or if they were just competing with psychiatry for victims. Sadly, I fear the latter may be closer to the truth…

      Still, I gotta say, their anti psychiatry material is high quality and pretty hard hitting – though this game is so diabolical, I would not be surprised if the industry has formed its own opposition connected to Scientology, to label anyone against the shrinks as a nutbar.

      An excellent, excellent book to read on the subject is Robert Whitaker’s “Mad In America”. he’s got a new book out now too, I think, been meaning to get it.

      I have witnessed the cruel insanity of psychiatry firsthand, and I can firmly attest to the incontrovertible FACTS : Psychiatry is HATE, Psychiatry is LIES, Psychiatry is MURDER.

  2. Donald Trump Says:

    Use my email to tell your true feelings about psychiatry to the world. Keep madsteel everywhere.:)))) Why let Swiss Psychuatrist Rorschach police our imaginations and cooperativeness? Don’t tell a sh-r-ink the secretiveness of the Rorschach inkblot test contains a conspiracy to make us all accuse, defame and hate one another, tell a reporter. This corruption called the psych bis has a need to hide it’s failures and keep up two images, and yours isn’t the good one. Remember amendment 13? Beccarlivehealthyandtell. Bill Pullman is real, gators.

    • beggarz Says:

      The entire purpose of the discipline of psychiatry is to elevate oneself socio-economically above others. Means are not important, beyond mere functions to this end.


  3. Padraig Says:

    I agree completely with this entry. Can you email me? I would like to talk about it further.

    • beggarz Says:

      Did we ever speak? It’s been awhile and when this was all going down things got pretty wild – some extraneous details are somewhat blurry :p

  4. Psychiatry is HATE, Psychiatry is LIES, Psychiatry is MURDER. « NDP TRUTH Says:

    […] Reprinted with permission from […]

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