Charlie Sheen Is Right About AA – Popular ‘Self Help’ Theory Based In Psychotic Ideation

After listening to the Alex Jones’ interview that is taking the Hollywood gossip rags by storm, I say that Mr. Sheen (I’ll call him Charlie when I actually know him…) ain’t out of the woods yet, but he’s well on the way.

Simply put – the idea that a substance or an internal chemical urge, or anything along those lines, ‘controls’ one’s actions is the clear belief that one is ‘being controlled by other forces’, which is a DE FACTO symptom of psychosis.

Therefore, the entire field of psychiatry, and every discipline it intersects with or touches, meets this very profession’s definition of psychotic ideation.

AA is a cult preaching a philosophy of helplessness that feeds into the goals of the pettiest of control freaks – people seeking relief from their own sense of inadequancies by perversely indulging themselves in those of others.

I say – from experience – that the ONLY true way out of ‘addiction’ (an idea we are taught now from infancy – that a substance can and will control you), is to explore the idea that Total Control is by definition inherent in the beings that we are.

This is the true miracle of self awareness and rational thought. We are constructing the entire experience of our existence – to believe that one’s thoughts and feelings are chemical reactions that occur in one part of the brain, generate and regulate themselves, and are subsequently experienced by another part of the brain with its own set of behaviours similarly claimed to be separate from the self, not only eviscerates any concept of a singular whole that encompasses one’s overall identity in this life, it is in and of itself a psychotic ideation and premise.

For example, no one makes you drink a beer – YOU drink it. The idea that the alcohol molecule can trigger such a complex being as yourself to carry out a series of similarly complex actions IS psychosis.

Once inside you, I would even argue that what you do with these substances is also something YOU are doing – this is a philosophy of inherent control and oneness, rather than helplessness leading to a schizophrenic sense of existence. Regardless of such finer points – YOU put that substance inside you, therefore YOU enact whatever follows.

To anyone out there battling ‘addiction’, I say this : beware of those who line up to take advantage of you at your weakest moment and place. Your actions are BY DEFINITION choices you are making – it might be nice to deflect the ‘blame’ onto some abstract physiological cause, but this is the first step down the road to true insanity and spiritual imprisonment.

Instead, face the FACT that YOU are enacting and constructing the experience of your reality, and if that reality is self destructive, realize that YOU are in control of that self-destruction, there are defineable reasons underlying it, and the only way out is to face the painful truth of your own self-hatreds, and work to rout out these mental, spiritual and physical behaviours from your daily life, from a position and philosophy of INHERENT SELF CONTROL.

Given to you by God, I might add – the proof of this is your hand in front of your face.

Explore the simple concept that total control is by definition inherent in the human being – any other premise meets the current clinical definition of psychotic ideation.

Think about it. That you can is a gift from your Creator.


3 Responses to “Charlie Sheen Is Right About AA – Popular ‘Self Help’ Theory Based In Psychotic Ideation”

  1. max stirner Says:

    Hell yes and right on! I had an issue with pornography–handled it on my own for 6 months, had a slip and decided to go into the 12-Step rooms for it. Big surprise: in two years in those rooms I never seemed to be able to get “sober”, slip after stupid slip. I tried to figure out what was wrong, figured that I must not be doing the steps right or something, but the whole time I noticed most of the damn people in the room couldn’t get any sobriety either, but kept pushing away the awareness of what that meant. Newsflash! It don’t work if you work it–that’s just the worst kind “fake it till you make it” BS. I finally decided to stop trying to make my own experience–6 months of sobriety before I ever went into a 12-Step room compatible with struggling to keep it together for even 3 weeks once I was IN the rooms. I finally realized: the powerlessness dogma in those rooms is bullshit, Step 1 is total bullshit. My own experience of having successful recovery before I ever entered a room proved it. Feeling powerless (which the rooms encourage) is NOT the same as BEING powerless. Every time I have made a positive choice I have proven that I have power, that powerlessness is a lie. I think that a shitload more people would make progress and a hell of a lot more quickly if they tossed out the First Step altogether in all of the 12-Step rooms. Lots has been learned since the 1930’s about addiction and yet somehow the 12-Steps have not changed, it’s supposed to work simply by “believing” it will.
    Well, if doing the same thing over and over and hoping for different results is insanity, as they say in relation to addictive behavior in the rooms, then isn’t pursuing the same ineffective method of gaining sobriety over and over again ALSO insanity?
    My religious path does not accept the notion of powerlessness. It is a tradition rooted in the idea of choice and balance. Thinking of yourself as a lowly piece of shit so that you can free yourself of addiction is definitely way the hell out of balance. Thank God my tradition has more wisdom than that, unlike the muddled and self-contradictory theology of the Oxford Group, which AA and all of the 12-Step rooms reproduce. (What is the point of saying the serenity prayer at the end of every meeting if you are indeed powerless? Why ask God for the courage to change the things that you can if you are in fact powerless? That makes no sense whatsoever. The prayer is about accepting external things that cannot be changed like earthquakes, death, the actions of others, while having the courage to change what you can–if that isn’t your own actions and thoughts, including compulsive ones, then the prayer makes no sense!)

    I agree with this post 150%. We always have choice. Always. That is the gift God gives us. Total agreement.

    • beggarz Says:

      Ha ha, right on Max!! Totally – AA and all that 12 step nonsense is just people victimizing others who are legitimately down!! It is so SICK and perverse!!!

      Here’s the key, though, for me : explore the simple idea that total control of the self is in fact inherent in the being that is you. In fact, to believe otherwise meets the current clinical definiton of psychotic ideation – as I say in this and many other posts. So it’s incredibly duplicitous – by purporting to have a discipline that teaches people to control their own actions, you in fact instead instill in their minds – and in the culture in general – the assumptive understanding that fundamental control of the self exists outside of one’s own awareness – on a chemical, ‘biological’, ‘genetic’ level.

      This is nothing less than a carefully constructed philosophy of helplessness and self hatred designed to enslave. The entire purpose of the discipline of psychiatry is to elevate its practitioners socio-economically above ALL others, no matter what the human and societal cost. These professional voyeurs and intellectual perverts need to be forcibly medicated themselves for their obsessive controlling disorders – they are the sickest and most vile of people amongst us, and they are destroying the world, emotionally, psychologically and chemically, with their fluoride based toxins now being gobbled by half a BILLION people worldwide, and thus inevitably getting into the water table.

      They are building the Apocalypse, and they MUST BE STOPPED.

      May God Help Us All.

  2. Henschel Biggleton Says:

    Purity of Essence!

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