What Is The Psychology of Psychiatry?

This whole idea of telling kids that self-control comes in a pill – how can you teach a kid self-control when you start with the assumptive premise that none of us have any on a fundamental level? That control lies outside of the conscious… self on a chemical playing field which YOU have no direct access to or even awareness of, but some obsessive controlling, psychopathic self-appointed ‘expert’ in a Hallowe’en costume and with a piece of paper mounted on the wall DOES.

This is RELIGION, not science – and the new ‘priests’ of our age are these so called ‘doctors’ who claim to have more access to your inner processes than YOU do.

But this is a psychotic ideation in and of itself – the belief that one is being controlled by ‘other forces’. Thus, this industry meets its own definition of psychoses!! And they pull the rug out from under these kids by claiming to ‘help’ them, while simultaneously starting with the premise that none of us have any conscious self control – that our perception of this personal power is nothing more than a series of chemical reactions that regulate and maintain themselves, irrelevant of our will or participation in these supposedly wholly physiological processes.

This is the literal schooling of a generation of children in psychosis, as their fundamental understanding of their own existence – that it happens of its own accord, and we are just along for the ride, whether we like it or not.

The one question that I think we need to ask in the face of this onslaught of child abuse is :

What Is The Psychology of Psychiatry?

In my view and experience, it is the purview of professional voyeurs and intellectual perverts who seek to victimize their fellow citizens for their legitimate human vulnerabilities.

‘Psychiatry’ is not a discipline designed to ‘help’ anyone – it is a discipline whose sole purpose is to elevate the socio-economic status of its practitioners above their fellow humans, by any means whatsoever, including the total chemical destruction of their very being through the use of neurotoxins designed to shut down the brain in reverse evolutionary order – the definitive response of the cerebral cortex to trauma.

These drugs don’t target specific thought processes, they shut down ALL thought.

And that is exactly what they are designed and intended to accomplish, to as many people as possible.

I ask again :

What Is The Psychology of Psychiatry?



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