Would You Like Some Cancer With That?

I haven’t had a vaccine in twenty years, and I stopped getting sick in winter the very year I swore off vaccines and antibiotics. When I have given in and visited a doctor the past two decades, such visits were clearly misguided, and used by the ‘doctors’ I visited as nothing more than a tool for them to enter a few numbers into their bank balance, via a bill to the Government imposed (at gunpoint) ‘health care’ system – a bill that I will never see, but which I will pay out of my taxes whether I like it or not.

There is an excellent book on vaccines by British Investigative Journalist Janine Roberts, ‘Fear Of The Invisible‘. Among many extensive excerpts on her site, Ms. Roberts makes a most interesting point – that all ‘viral’ particles are made by cells – they cannot reproduce, only screw up a cell’s internal processes to make more of them (supposedly this occurs… in fact it is only theory, and it’s all magical thinking, really) – but the point is that if they need a cell to make them, then the first virus was made by a healthy cell, right?

Or perhaps one under duress. In any case, it is clear from the basic assumptions underlying these theories that a cell might take in a virus like particle, mistake it, and incorporate it somehow into its function. This is borne out in all the science I’ve looked at, but true or not, it is prevailing accepted medical theory and wisdom among proponents of vaccine theory themselves. So let’s work with it.

As in so many other so called professional fields of study, these very theories and assumptions reflect poorly on their own credulity. If viruses are in fact neither ‘live’ nor ‘dead’, then why are they characterized as such for public consumption? If these fragmented bits of DNA are commonly taken up by cells as part of integral processes and routine communications, then what are the risks of directly injecting foreign material of this nature into a relatively unrelated host? In this light, injecting people with fluids incubated in monkey kidneys seems to me complete madness!

Since you cannot filter any vaccine of particles the size or smaller than the ‘viruses’ you wish to be present, all vaccines are contaminated with errant (and unknown!) viral sized particles, cell debris, and DNA fragments – and these particles seem designed by nature to be prone to incorporation by unsuspecting cells in our bodies going about their business.

Monkeys are said to be about 2% different in their DNA from Humans – very, very close, it is said. So intentionally infecting one’s blood with monkey juice, and risking viral particles from their system being taken up into healthy human cells – thus replicating in our bodies with wholly unknown ramifications – it’s total insanity, “Island Of Dr. Moreau” stuff.

On top of that, the presence of viral sized particles near a cell in some sort of disease or distress is not so quickly assumed by some to prove a causative relationship between ‘viral’ particles and ‘disease’. In fact, a growing and ever more vocal segment of the molecular biology community would say the jury is still out, or more specifically that these particles may in fact be a cellular response to disease or distress. So we may have an entire approach to so called disease that is in fact attacking the body’s own response to threat – a response that, if successful, might be referred to as a true ‘cure’, no?

Yes – and the science truly is in such dire disarray – it is that bad. Remember, it was only 200 years ago that these psychos would attach leeches to you, and only 50 years ago they would happily give you a lobotomy if you asked nicely. Yes, these were offered to the public in the 50’s, and some people actually went for it voluntarily, opting for lobotomy to ‘cure’ supposed emotional issues.

So I think it pays to really look around, and listen to all concerned in ALL medical matters. And above all, don’t inject yourself or your loved ones with a toxic cocktail of unknown genetic material incubated in diseased monkey kidneys or chicken fetuses, ‘preserved’ with mercury (thimersol), and spiked with squalene – removed from all US Army vaccines as the de facto cause of Gulf War Syndrome, yet somehow safe for the public’s children?!? – all on top of God knows what else is purposely or incompetently allowed to be present!

Keep this final fact in the forefront of your mind – many vaccines have been found to contain reverse transcriptase activity, a classic indication of the presence of HIV.

How, then, could vaccines be ‘safe’?!? To believe they were ‘safe’, one would literally have to refute the foundations of the HIV/AIDS paradigm! HOW can we trust this kind of unanswered, wholly incongruent information, or anyone who would even imply any substance to these dangerous, medaevil medical behaviours?


2 Responses to “Would You Like Some Cancer With That?”

  1. randy Says:

    try getting a science education, you will understand more then and won’t talk out of your ass

    • beggarz Says:

      Clearly, of course, YOU have a ‘science education’ – just like the ‘Doctors’ who used to attach leeches to their patients had a ‘science education’, which they believed blindly and without any reasonable questioning, in their vain search to elevate themselves socio-economically above those around them.

      I can tell that you have a ‘science education’ by the dense intellectual content of your argument, and its numerous qualified and referenced sources listed in support of your intensely brilliant opinions.

      Not to mention your overwhelming command of the English language, punctuation and especially your masterful expertise at the complicated art of the ad hominem argument!!

      Wow – and I talk out of my ass. Well, at least my knuckles don’t scrape the ground when I walk. Seriously – what the fuck are you even doing on my blog? Why do you even care? If I’m such a clown, the fact that you waste your time with such a lowly fool speaks VOLUMES about the quality of your sad, petty, self-humiliating excuse for an existence.

      Goof! (…and I mean that in every sense of the word)

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