Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament Facebook Jan. 1, 2010

ClimateGate Science Fraud vs. Real Job Losses in the United States. If anyone can find one of these for Canada, I would very much like to see it.


I say forget about re-convening on time. Jan. 25th ISN’T SOON ENOUGH! If there is anything I can do to help with your efforts here, please do not hesitate to ask. I am about alternative energy and NO CARBON TAX.


I say reconvene Parliament a full week early, Jan. 18th, and talk about the economy, and how there is NO WAY WE CAN AFFORD A CARBON TAX NOW, NOT ONE YEAR AFTER THE BIGGEST ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IN KNOWN HISTORY.

Ok, some people here know my feelings about the fraudulent science that underlies this whole ClimateGate thing, never mind the vaccines. I have one thread here I’m watching, where I was already attacked and accused of working for ‘Big Oil’, which is RIDICULOUS.

I do NOT work for big oil. I won’t even speak to that kind of paranoia – it’s NONSENSE. If anything, it is exactly the reprehensible tactic that it accuses of! I don’t appreciate being called a racist, either. It’s unacceptable bullshit.

I am a musician and a truck driver, and I am laid off right now. ‘Back in the day’, I started ‘The Tombstones’ with Hugh Dillon, which went on to become ‘The Headstones’ – look for my name in the credits of their last couple of albums, I played a bit of guitar here and there.

I don’t wanna take away from the initial idea of this site by dragging in this issue to this page – there is already a ‘ClimateGate’ page here on FaceBook.

But there is a connect here, so I would like to say once, that these are MY reasons for being here and supporting this initiative. We could have been researching alternative power for the past 20 years, instead of spending that money on wars for control of someone else’s OIL.

Now, a world where people didn’t look out for themselves wouldn’t make much sense, and everyone dances around certain delicate moral issues such as, oh DEAR.. is THAT where my gas comes from? But what if you really COULD free yourselves from these daily rationalizations? What if the whole bother wasn’t even necessary at all?

If you ask me, we need to reconvene Parliament TOMORROW and IMMEDIATELY discuss investigating ClimateGate, alternative energy, an “interest-free currency” (, and how to get this country REALLY moving again, instead of figuring out a way to enslave ourselves to the imaginary problems of a future generation, when people are suffering RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE,TODAY.

Al Gore and David Blood ( I am not joking!) from Goldman Sachs have come up with the plan for the new ‘Carbon Exchange’, which is going to be BIGGER THAN THE ENTIRE STOCK EXCHANGE, moving A TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR. Parts of this financial scam were put together with Ken Lay, from the whole Enron disaster.

Ken Lay?!?! “Blood and Gore”??!?! Are you KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!

We CAN’T AFFORD THIS TAX, and the argument for its necessity is built on FRAUDULENT PREMISES. Please, please, DON’T believe me, and instead LOOK INTO THIS YOURSELF!!

This genuine and honest effort to reconvene Parliament ON TIME FOR A CHANGE is exactly the kind of action from individuals this country needs right now.

I wish this endeavour the best of luck, and pledge my full support to it, so please, anyone who wants to have a look at my blog, or ask me to help out with something, please feel free to get in touch.




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9 Responses to “Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament Facebook Jan. 1, 2010”

  1. MaryBeth Says:

    This is a very interesting post and i also like your blog site designs, have bookmarked your site and will be looking for future updates.

    • beggarz Says:

      Thank you. I have a lot of info on vaccines, if you’re interested. Pretty much all you need to know is in Janine Roberts’ book “Fear Of The Invisible”, there are extensive excerpts on her site, and you might not have the stomach to read any other books for awhile after you read what she has to say.

      Short version? ALL vaccines are dangerously toxic, and this is WELL KNOWN by professionals. The science that underpins vaccines, and in fact viral theory itself, is seriously in question, and borders on sheer quackery. In fact, that’s what it is – the term ‘quack’ refers to the mercury doctors used to treat patients with, until these geniuses figured out it was killing people.

      After years of injecting body fluids back into the brains of monkeys with no success, ‘scientists’ allegedly ‘isolated’ the ‘polio virus’ from the excrement of three healthy children without the disease.

      I thought this topic might be up your alley – was all over it for the fall, but got sidetracked by the New World Order / whatever it is / ClimateGate scam.

      Thinks are getting dark – we need to turn the lights back on. When you read Ms. Roberts work, and put it together with the latest scientific fraud, you will see what I mean.

      God Bless!

  2. RB anderson Says:

    You all need to get a job, stop listening to Liberal BS and let Harper run the dam goverment

    • Bob Mosurinjohn Says:

      Obviously another PC party member probably taking pay to corrupt websites promoting true democracy.

  3. Cliff Says:

    It is about time , that some people , realize the only way the government was going to get back to work , was to porogue and stop the ,, do nothing,, opposition parties from holding the government and the people of the country hostage

    • Bob Mosurinjohn Says:

      Obviously a PC part member, probably taking pay for corrupting websites.

    • beggarz Says:

      I’m not so far off agreeing with this. The whole AGW lie has blown my mind – who could have believed it had gone so far?

      I had my issues with Socialism before, clearly – from direct experience – but this takes the cake. Socialist obsession with Taxation-as-Industry and perverse desire for social control represent forces that are a dangerous anathema to every freedom we hold dear, and for which our ancestors fought and died to earn and defend. Looking back and judging ourselves evil in itself risks cultural psychosis, and worse, obscures clear evaluation of where we are today.

      In reality, this is a very weird political time. I want Harper to bust open the Global Warming debate, because he has been talking to one of the key figures in exposing this fraud for several years – Canada’s Steve McIntyre whose page is here :

      Also, we have a separatist party in opposition. This is absurd. How can one take seriously criticism from a party that wants to split up the country?!? By their own self-definition, these members can NOT have the ‘best interests of the country’ in mind – they don’t even have a CANADA in mind in the first place!

      Are we going to split up? I’m not so sure that is in anyone’s interests, and whatever my feelings – I say let ’em go, I’m sick of it all – I can’t fault Stephen Harper for feeling committed to the idea of still having a country to support the office he holds, and wonder if people have realistically considered this when mouthing the usual platitudes.

      As for the NDP – I have firsthand experience with the world proposed by such Tax-Profiteers. .org .com

      So really, where are we at? I wish Paul Martin hadn’t been such a blubberer, he was probably the PM we truly needed – he balanced the budget as Finance Minister, the guy was a star!

      But Harper had the guts to back off from the Kyoto Accord, despite what has clearly become a mass psychosis of cultural self-hatred among western nations as a whole.

      We don’t need Socialism, we don’t need Separatism, and I wonder if Liberalism is gonna cut it right now. We need LESS government, not more – and certainly not more people whose sole motivation is to plug themselves into the tax base as a means of elevating their socioeconomic status, and realizing their perverse obsessive controlling natures, for which they should very probably be forcibly medicated.

      This kind of mindless greed is a reality in the halls of powers of taxation. It eats at society like termites at the foundation of your cottage – and when you’re faced with selling that cottage to pay your new ‘Carbon Tax’, Mike Harris’ “Common Sense Revolution” in the 90’s comes immediately to mind. After refusing Bob Rae’s “Social Contract”, the Ontario Civil Service was cut from 55,000 to 35,000 by Harris, across the board.

      And. We. Were. All. Better. Off.


      So I say to Harper – get back in there and GOVERN. Speak out about your responsible weighing of facts in the ‘Green Tax’ debate; speak out about using our fully renewable natural resources to create growth and good, healthy jobs; speak out against the fracturing of everything good we have in Canada that Separatist dreams ultimately represent; speak out about lowering taxes overall so that a dollar travels further before it is back in Government hands, and the true, real, tangible social benefits this creates; and speak out against Socialists who wish to bankrupt our economies with taxes to ‘help’ the poor, when their real aim is to skim off the top out of their own sense of self-aggrandizement and personal gain.

      We could be a rich, free, strong country, but our 50% tax base is strangling us – and spiralling us into Iron Curtain-like despair, just you watch.

  4. Bob Mosurinjohn Says:

    “Let them eat Perogies,” say the NDP, while the Liberals and Conservatives eat cake together in a comfortable, double bed, their business interests making lots of money in Agahanistan and some of their business interests making money here at home supplying coffins to the armed forces. Maybe in the next two months the Liberals will find a real leader, a Canadian in his heart and mind, but probably not as they are mostly as corrupt as the PCs. In any case, there is no real hope until the Messiah Christ returns.

    • beggarz Says:

      I hear that. If we remember what Jesus taught – to stand for truth as an individual – then you have the key to Heaven on Earth.

      It is a shame such a simple message gets so distorted. I probably would face a mountain of scorn from many people in my past for saying such a thing, but all I can do is wish them luck in the Satanic reality they seek to – and will – create for themselves.

      So to those who mock the idea of God, I can only say Good Luck with your Socialist Atheism, folks. Yours is a very special and virulent brand of self-hatred.

      I might ask you all to first define what it is that you don’t believe in, but I don’t believe that you know.

      If you can’t figure it out, then sit back and watch it define itself.

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