ClimateGate = War on America

As far as I can see from here in Canada, the whole Copenhagen Global Warming Scam, given as it is built on an entirely fraudulent premise, and is an attempt to override the Constitution, is nothing less than an Act of War against America and its People.

If these ‘carbon’ limits were going into effect across the board, that would be one thing to discuss. However, for example, China can report a ‘reduction’ in CO2, if their CO2 output ‘grows slower’ than their GDP!!! What kind of quantification is THAT? It’s so arbitrary, clearly the door is open for ANY interpretation our Neo-Fascist-Communist masters need at any given time.

This treaty is not going to stop ONE SPECK of so called Global Warming, even if it’s NOT a hoax – it is simply going to transfer the pollution to the Third World, while we shut down our economies in the West, and freeze and starve.

This is ABSURD – a TRILLION DOLLAR TAX, barely a year after the worst economic meltdown EVER, and for which we get NOTHING in return, while India and China burn every last drop of oil left in the Earth, and the right to use the atmosphere is sold in ‘shares’ to the highest bidder by an unelected world body – a Communist coup in America if I have ever seen one.

You do not burn your house down to keep the poor outside your door warm! This benefits NO ONE!

If that isn’t troubling enough, it is becoming apparent that Al Gore has teamed up with David Blood, formerly of Goldman Sachs, to invest upwards of a BILLION dollars in setting up the inevitably required ‘Carbon Exchange’ that will be the immediate result of any Global ‘Cap and Trade’ Carbon Credit System. Furthermore, the whole scheme was devised several years back by Gore and disgraced Enron CEO Ken Lay.

For some cogent details on how these guys do business, take a peek here and here. Are you sure we should give these crooks the right to charge us to breathe?

And seriously, Blood and Gore? Are you kidding me? And Ken Lay, one of the biggest fraudsters of all time? I suppose it is fitting – when Ken Lay gets finished dealing the world economy a death blow from the grave, we’ll have plenty of Blood and Gore on our hands. Feel free to make up your own pun – the raw material is so basic, it belongs in a humour training manual.

Watch Gore’s transparent self-interest be exposed by the House Energy and Commerce Sub-Committee.

Instead of choosing between different brands of totalitarianism, here is an example of the American and Canadian citizens we should be producing on our beautiful continent – Dr. Farid A. Khavari, whose ‘Blueprint For A Zero-Cost Economy’ is inspiring voters throughout Florida to consider him for the Governor’s Chair.

Khavari For Governor of Florida

Innovative, patriotic to a fault, altruistic, freedom loving capitalists like Dr. Khavari believe in a true free market, and thus insist on an interest free currency, and a clear, intentional moving away from the Global Communist-Fascist Federal Reserve System, World Bank, and International Monetary Fund, which have clearly come to cause so much harm to so many.

With a similar political movement afoot in Vermont, Dr. Khavari’s proposals of economic reform are already tried, tested, and proven true on American soil, by The Bank Of North Dakota – a State Bank whose interests literally ARE the people’s.

This simple banking model will also drastically reduce the taxation burden of the State on its citizens. In true Free Market Capitalism, taxation in itself should never be seen as a viable commodity for ANY person to exploit, ever. Yet clearly the pursuit of taxation-as-industry exists in our bureaucratic cultures today, while we all roll our eyes as if there is no other way.

However, the bitter truth is that taxation-as-industry, practiced by every level of our governments, is – like the Federal Reserve Banking System – in fact a form of slavery, the very same slavery we all pompously claim to have rid our societies of, our vanity angrily blinding us to the bureaucratic beast that soon will require that we literally purchase the very right to breathe.

Far worse, we will be paying this fee to a civil service royalty who by-and-large aren’t even citizens of our respective countries, and clearly have no interest whatsoever in our value as human beings, except as a source of income for themselves.

I’m disgusted at what is going on, and also very scared at what will happen, and what COULD happen, very soon! If The Constitution is further encroached upon, the Free World as we know it will pass from history, a finite period in time that will be casually dismissed in the NEW SPEAK our schools will be teaching to the mindless drones of our Fundamentalist Enviro-Fascist future.

I know it’s over the top to say it – but I’m not just banging pots and pans here. I honestly believe that this assault on the Constitution is a true act of war. It is the Globalist we should be concerned about, not this Al Quaeda ruse – if you’re not already aware of who Bin Laden REALLY is (was?), then just Google ‘Tim Osman’, and you’ll find that he was a CIA operative, and that ‘Al Quaida’ was a CIA database of Mujahadeen fighters that the CIA organized and trained into a fanatically religious armed force to fight the Russians in the Afghani War in the 80’s.

I know it sounds absurd that this could EVER be true, but take a page from Sherlock Holmes, and eliminate the impossible – what is left MUST be truth, however implausible it may seem. This information is public knowledge, should anyone care to look, or, God forbid, actually report on it. When the Bush and Bin Laden families have close business ties, and there is a terrorist organization supposedly loose in the world with the same name as a Cold War Era CIA operation against the Russians, questions need to be asked and answered. That they are not, is an answer in and of itself.

It’s unreal to see what are nothing less than NAZI principles – National Socialism – taking over the world again today. It needs to be stopped, before it is too late.

And YES – I just marched out the ‘Hitler Comparison’, however tawdry it has become to do so. In this case, it is pointedly true. Read up on ‘Operation Paperclip‘ and you will see what I mean, if you aren’t already well aware!

The current ‘Climate Debate’, which would already now be called ‘ClimateGate’ if the mainstream news would ever report anything real, cannot be underestimated in its importance to Humankind and Freedom as we know it. The Founding Fathers in America devised the Constitution in a world that had never seen such a document, and everything in there is there for a specific and very good reason.

These men were visionaries. They knew something we could never truly understand – a world without true freedom. Yet clearly this is lost on most people today, so stripped of our true value are we already.

We just barely dodged the latest bullet at Copenhagen, and even two months after these ClimateGate emails broke, you can’t even find mention of the story on many major news outlets. here in Canada comes to mind. CNN held Gore’s hand on national tv while he laughingly downplayed the serious criminal activities exposed in the East Anglia affair.

This scandal is growing exponentially with revelations that even raw core data representing our historical climate and temperature records may have been tampered with. This would be a reprehensible crime against the Institution of Knowledge itself, and an unmitigated disaster in the quest to form a coherent understanding of both our cultural past, and our current environmental challenges! With their desperate, greed and status driven fraud, these ‘scientists’ may well have cast our historical knowledge of past weather patterns into impenetrable darkness!

Even more corrupt intellectual dishonesty is now coming to light. WikiPedia deleted a page entitled “ClimateGate” in favour of “Climatic Research Unit e-mail hacking incident“, a disingenuous distortion if ever there was one, especially as there are strong indications that no theft took place, and in fact it appears that one of the scientists involved blew the whistle on the entire fraudulent, fascist plot.

Furthermore, WikiPedia saw over 5000 articles on temperature and climate mysteriously rewritten the past few years – here’s the story, it’s as corrupt as everything else these fundamentalist environmental zealots have concocted and poisoned our culture with :

ClimateGate on WikiPedia

**Update – ClimateGate battle raging on WikiPedia’s pages!!**

**Update – Major Canadian Daily National Post Breaks ‘ClimateGate’ wide open**

The United Nations’ IPCC is criminal and corrupt, the information is public knowledge, but the NewSpeak is in full swing, and the Dream may well be all but over.

However, it is not over YET – and there are very powerful and very positive things one can do. ‘Buzz Up‘ or ‘Digg‘ stories you find online, post comments, write emails, participate in forums online, sign petitions, re-post YouTube videos and comment on them, read Canada Free Press Online, become a fan of ClimateGate and join Lord Monckton‘s page on Facebook, listen to It’s Rainmaking Time! Web Radio, read British Investigative Journalist Janine Robert’s book Fear Of The Invisible, and of course, write your local politicians at least once, however useless it may seem!!

Perhaps most importantly, we should ALL research CO2 for ourselves, and take action first and foremost in our own personal lives to dispel the myth that such critical matters of human survival are beyond the average person’s understanding!

Our pioneer ancestors would cry out in shame to see us quivering in our boots in the face of the degrading condescension directed at the great citizens of the most successful social experiment of all time. Despite all of its glaring flaws, The United States Of America is the lighthouse of freedom in our epoch, and The Constitution is its beacon, reaching every corner of the Earth with its message of undeniable personal worth in an embattled world, inspiring even the most downtrodden with hope for a better future, as it has for the past 234 years.

Above all, let’s shut down this attempt to set up a virtual SkyNet, straight out of the Terminator movies, a World Government that has declared HUMAN LIFE TO BE A DANGER TO ITSELF. Such virulent self-hatred is nothing short of perversity, and when your reality starts to mirror a Hollywood Horror Sci-Fi Blockbuster, maybe it’s time to change your politicians!!

I can’t resist the chance to leave you with just one last proponent of ‘One World Government’, as interviewed by Ronald Reagan Jr. in 1991. When Ronnie Jr. suggests that Global Government is far in the future, his subject responds prophetically “Not as far as you might think“.

All the best, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year – may this one see the lofty Green Fascists tumble from their perches in as ignominious a fashion as could ever be humanly possible!


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4 Responses to “ClimateGate = War on America”

  1. Jim Burton Says:

    Good post. It’s not generally realized as regards climate warning that water vapour, not CO2, is the real driving force behind climate change. The way it’s supposed to work, the small amount of CO2 is supposed to cause a small amount of atmospheric warming, which in turn will warm the oceans slightly, which in turn will cause more evaporation from the sea surface, and then, because of the increased water vapour in the atmosphere, the atmosphere’s temperature will increase in a significant way. On its own, there’s simply not enough CO2 in the atmosphere to do anything – it’s only works through the agency of water vapour. But how can anyone get outraged against water?

    • beggarz Says:

      I agree, only you haven’t taken into account one factor – everyone is insane.

      How else could they be convinced to see themselves as detrimental to their own survival? Between CO2 and Water Vapour, we have managed to demonize two of the things most fundamental to human and all other life!!

      Let us hope that the social rewards of characterizing oneself as an ‘Enviro Activist’ have markedly declined – because the fact is that once people aren’t getting laid with this crap, it will fizzle out overnight.

  2. SK Trynosky Sr. Says:

    Nice piece, came over from Stand-Up America to read it.

    I’m not shilling for the book but back in the early 1970’s D. Keith Mano, who wrote for “National Review” did a little book called “The Bridge”. He anticipated the environmentalists going over the edge and took the thing to it’s ridiculous but logical conclusion.

    • beggarz Says:

      Sounds fascinating! Nothing like a little bit of prophetic hindsight, huh? I’ll look for it.

      I hope this thing is over, and that it leads to a worldwide reappraisal of ALL scientific fields.

      Thanks for reading and dropping by!

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