Total annual Human energy production 0.011415525% of Sun.

Like a 15 year old trying to get laid at a Peace March, Al Gore flaps his jaws around endlessly, barely managing to survive his own pre-scripted, tightly controlled appearance on his beloved CNN.

Here is the video

If, as Al Gore says, ‘more sunlight falls on the surface of the Earth in one hour than is required to provide the entire world’s energy for a full year”, then how does this reflect on so called Climate Change?

Let me get this straight – it takes the entire world a whole year to generate as much power as the Sun hits Earth with EVERY SINGLE HOUR, yet somehow it is WE who are warming up the planet?

If the Sun is hitting us with approx. 8760 times as much energy every year as the entire planet produces, yet our contribution of 0.011415525% of this gigantic thermal force hitting us on top of this, is somehow raising the temperature of the planet?!?!

Huh? Shall we call another expert, or hire Monty Python to make a skit of it all?

This old planet has had dinosaurs tromping around on her – she probably hasn’t even noticed we are here yet, and thinks that New York City is a semi-dormant volcano on it’s rump, urban sprawl is a bit of rash, and we really must remember to stop by the druggist to get some salve for that soon!

Let us hope that this fiasco will be the end of fascism/communism/socialism for GOOD. Hitler called his goons ‘The National Socialist Party’ for a reason – and YES, I just made a Hitler AND a Nazi reference, because that is what this is all about.

Google Tim Osman to find that Bin Laden was a CIA operative, and find that on one side we are being told what scum we are for polluting the Earth, while on the other we are embroiled in an endless, phony, criminal, genocidal war for oil we would hardly need, had we spent $10 trillion the past decade on alternative energy research, rather than mass murder in a desert that is not our own.

The CIA is a Nazi inspired, criminal rogue organization that is driving us, through terror, to global government of the worst possible kind. Meanwhile a legion of eager bureaucrats, confident in the absurd concept that taxes are some kind of resource (um, isn’t that SLAVERY?), have shanghai’d the environmental community with their militant, dogmatic rhetoric, and have set about the past two decades worming themselves into our psyches from a second angle opposite the terror mongers, spouting ever more ludicrous claims backed up with ever more falsified, meaningless and irrelevant data, like compulsive liars who can’t shut up until their ludicrous extrapolations become wholly unsupportable, and they are inevitably found out.

The mere fact that this has been attempted so underhandedly, and attempts were clearly made to cover it up after being exposed, should be enough for all the home countries of all the guilty parties involved to commence charges of Treason and Sedition against all concerned, forthwith and with due haste, thank you very much, goodbye.

Once we’ve dealt with the Traitors, perhaps we would do well to have a listen to what this Florida Governor candidate has to say :

Khavari For Governor of Florida


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