A tax on Human Life itself?

I’d like to draw people’s attention to a very interesting video on this site here :


Where you will find a Canadian scientist Dr. Tim Ball expressing shock and outrage over the clearly criminal ClimateGate scandal.

You’ll also find a link there to sign their petition – I believe it is Lord Monckton’s, in fact!

I have to ask – What is the MATTER with people?!?!?

A tax on CO2 is literally a tax on BREATHING. Does it get any more Orwellian than THAT?!?

Are you willing to have your body’s annual CO2 output evaluated by some stranger whose salary is the sole purpose of the tax which they will assess upon your very person?


We do not live in a Democracy anymore, but a Hypocracy!!

This could not be more serious! If we allow this complete fraud to force us into a treaty, we will be effectively paying taxes to a permanent, unelected, bureaucracy of career civil servants in another country, FOREVER!

Moreover, they can come into our country, and tell us what we can and can’t do. Since this is all centred around our CO2 emissions, walking down the street, and even just being ALIVE will qualify as aspects of your life that this unelected, unrepresented bureaucratic body will be able to dictate terms to!

It will be the end of the sovereignty of whatever nation you are a part of today, no matter where you live.


Of course we need to get off oil – but this is NOT the way. We should instead TAKE BACK our governments, and start spending the TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR they collectively spend on WAR, and put it into renewable energy sources that we can share with the world.

It’s either that, or we are very likely headed for either global conflict, fascist global world government, such as the one just attempted in Copenhagen, or more likely BOTH.

Anyone who has read The Handmaid’s Tale can get a picture of the world we are being led into.

We must mobilize to stop this NOW.


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